•  Tips for Learning Spanish

    1. Make full use of class time. Listen and participate as much as you can.

    2. If you feel nervous, relax yourself physically by taking a couple of slow, deep breaths. When called on, pause, relax, and give yourself time to respond.

    3. Study out loud. Speaking the language is one of the ultimate goals of the course.

    4. Study with a friend. Having the support of a friend helps to relieve the tension and also share different point of view. Friends may also be able to be able to pick up on something you forgot or did not understand well.

    5. Make flashcards with Spanish conversations questions on one side and have friends of family test you. They may not understand everything you say but YOU WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO PRACTICE YOUR SPEAKING.

    6. Develop a positive attitude. Have a clear personal reason for taking the class. Set personal goals for what you want to learn. Leave perfectionism at the door; give yourself permission to make mistakes and learn from them. Don't be discouraged by apparent lack of progress. You may sometimes feel like you are going forward, staying still, or even going backwards. That is all normal!

    7. Ask for help when you do not understand; that is what learning is, and what teachers are for.

    8. Teach new words to your family and friends and practice with them.

    9. Act out new words-You may learn more if you are actively engaged in your learning. Also, using body language when speaking makes it easier for the listener to understand what you are saying.

    10. Work on listening every day. Even though you hear me speak in Spanish in class, additional Spanish listening will help you get better!! Try using the links on the class website and listen to something [news, music, a soap opera, ANYTHING!!!] 20 minutes each day.

    11. Increase your contact with Spanish outside of class in every way that you can-watch BBC Mundo, Spanish radio on the internet, magazines, newspapers, phschool.com, speak Spanish with your friends, go to a restaurant and speak to the waiter in Spanish, etc… I have lots of language practice links listed on my website! What can parents do?  Encourage your child to seek extra help whenever they need it. I am always available for extra help and students just need to make an appointment with me to arrange a time.  Encourage your child to take risks in learning Spanish. Encourage them to say something, even if it's wrong. They will learn from their mistakes.  Ask to see assignment notebook and classroom notes. This can help with organization and goal setting.  Check my website to keep updated on what we are doing in class.