•  This page is set-up only for reading schedules and any other information. Any specific assignments can be found on my Google Class page.


    Monday, Feb. 10

    We completed reading Act One today.

    Watched the movie.

    Quiz tomorrow on Act One = 10 questions.


    Tuesday, Feb. 11

    Quiz today on Act. 1.

    Hour 2 caught up with the movie.

    Hour 1 read up to page 55.

    Hours 2 and 4 didn't read today.


    Wednesday, Feb. 12

    We started Act. 2 today and got to page 63 in hours 1 and 4. Page 61 in 2nd hour.

    Answered four study guide questions.

    Next quiz will be on Tuesdya of next week/Act. 2.


    Thursday, Feb. 13

    Read up to page 71 for hours 2 and 4.

    Read up to page 73 in hour 1.

    Watched 10 minutes of the movie.


    Friday, Feb. 14

    Completed Act. 2 today.

    Quiz on Tuesday (no school on Monday) on Act. 2.

    Caught up on the movie.


    Tuesday, Feb. 18

    Quiz today on Act. 2

    Caught-up with the movie.

    We continue reading (Act. 3) tomorrow.


    Wednesday, Feb. 19

    We read up to page 91 (top) today.

    Contest on "predicting the end".

    Study guide question one covered.


    Thursday, Feb. 20

    We read to the middle of page 100 today.

    Answered four study guide questions.

    Next quiz will be on Tuesday at the earliest (Act. 3).


    Friday, Feb. 21

    Completed Act. 3.

    Watched some of the movie.

    Quiz moved to Monday (Act. 3)


    Monday, Feb. 24

    Quiz on Act. 3.

    Went over Quiz-Act. 2.

    Caught up with the movie.


    Tuesday, Feb. 25

    We read to page 133.

    Final Test on Friday of this week.

    Review day on Thursday.


    Wednesday, Feb. 26

    We completed the play today.

    We will do a review tomorrow and finish the movie.

    Final Test on Friday.


    Thursday, Feb. 27

    Review day today. The slides are on Google Classroom.

    There was a handout on the character lists as well = study it.

    Completed the movie today as well.

    45 question 

    Final Test Tomorrow (Friday).


    Friday, Feb. 28

    Test Today. 

    Study Guide Due.

    New book intro on Monday.


    Monday, March 2

    Picked up the new book today (The Things They Carried).

    Discussed the history of the Vietnam war/time line.

    Some took the test from Friday.


    Tuesday, March 3

    Finished the pre-talk on the Vietnam War.

    Google Class assignment assigned today.


    Wednesday, March 4

    Movie (Part 1) on the Vietnam War. 


    Thursday and Friday, March 5-6.

    Started the book. 1st and 2nd hours read to page 10 (bottom).

    4th hour read to the top of page 11.

    We went over the test from last week on Friday and talked about re-do's if needed.


    Monday, March 9

    Hour One: read to page 21 (bottom).

    Hour Two: read to page 18 (top).

    Hour Four: read to page 19 (top).


    Tuesday, March 10

    Hour One: read to page 30 (chapter, Spin). 

    Hour Two: read to page 21 (top).

    Hour Four: read to page 22 (top).


    Wednesday, March 11

    1st Hour: Finished the chapter, "Spin" today.

    2nd and 4th Hours: Almost finished the chapter, "Spin".