Forkhorn Mentor Program

  • The Mentor Program for Forkhorn Camp at Laurentian Environmental Center (LEC) is a competitive volunteer position to assist during a week of Forkhorn Camp. Those interested submit an application to be reviewed by LEC staff and will be contacted in early March with an email regarding their application status. 

    What does a mentor do? 

    Throughout the week mentors work with students, teachers and other mentors. Duties will be assigned accordingly based on the course(s) being taught and the needs for that week. Below you will find a summary of what a mentor can be responsible for during their stay. 

    • Class: Provide assitance to teacher(s) when needed, supervision, and taking pictures of activities 
    • Pictures: Document the week through pictures to share with the Minnesota Deer Hunter Association chapters, for promotional materials, and a picture CD that can be purchased by students at the end of the week
    • Set-Up: 3D Safari Hunt, Shoot/Don't Shoot, gathering materials for class
    • Recreation: Help facilitate games and activities such as capture the flag
    • Candy Shack 
    • Cabin supervision 

    Interested in being a mentor? Read through the requirements below!

    • Attended all three Forkhorn Camps (preferably at LEC)
    • Have an interest in sharing your knowledge and experience with categories such as hunting, firearms, bows, nature, and outdoor recreation with students 
    • Have the qualities of being a positive role model through actions and behavior 
    • Willing to volunteer to assigned tasks for the duration of a week while working with students, teachers and other mentor


    The following forms need to be completed before a mentor attends camp. They can either be email, faxed or mailed or brought in during registration day. 



    Laurentian Environnmental Center
    Attn: Bobbi Zenner
    8950 Peppard Road
    Britt, MN 55710

    Fax: (218) 749-2750

    Further Information. 

    If you have any further questions regarding the mentor program, please contact Bobbi Zenner for more details:
    (218) 749-1288

Forkhorn 2016 Mentors