Adults Attending Forkhorn Camp

  • If your child, grandchild, niece/nephew, etc. are enrolled in Forkhorn Camp and you would like to attend, you can at no additional cost! We see a great importance in students having an adult mentor regarding firearms and hunting and encourage those interested to stay the week, or even just a day or two, at camp.

    Accommodations include staying with students at camp. Students are divided into cabins by gender and one of the roles as an adult participant in Forkhorn Camp is to help out in the cabins during the evenings and mornings. This includes assisting the Laurentian cabin chaperones with getting the students to bed and up for breakfast and informing staff on any behavioral issues. 

    Adult participants can also receive a certification if they are interested and attend classes. 

    Adults must fill out a background check form prior to attending camp and will be required to submit health and informed consent forms before or during arrival at camp. Those who indicate an interest to attend on the participants Forkhorn Camp application will be contacted, typically via email, and given the necessary paperwork. Or, click on the links below to download the forms. 

    Adult Background Check

    Adult Info Packet


    Any questions, please email Bobbi at