September 11, 2017



     What’s up this fall (again)? Enrollment!

    As we settle into the school year, I want to extend a warm welcome to all families in Mounds View Public Schools. On behalf of everyone working here, I want to assure you that your students are the focus of everything we do, and we’re so fortunate to have such talented, diverse, curious and high-achieving students in our classrooms every day.

    You might know there’s been something of a tradition here to share a brief video greeting from the Superintendent at the start of the year. Last fall was my first year as Superintendent, so I gave myself a bit of a pep talk before I launched into my new role. This year, I wanted to try something different, and let you hear from some high school students as they explain what space means to their success in school.

    Watch this video to learn more

    Why? This month, our schools opened to our highest enrollment in 16 years. With 11,187 students, and another 1,600 more resident students expected within seven years, it’s clear we need to provide more space at all of our schools throughout the District. Our Election Day bond proposal would accomplish just that.

    So I invite you to please take a few minutes and see what a successful facilities bond proposal would mean for our students. Then, I encourage you to visit to find a schedule of meetings we are hosting that you can attend at any school to learn more this fall.

    I wish you all a very positive and productive school year.

      Chris Lennox

    Chris Lennox
    Mounds View Public Schools