December 9, 2016



    Grieving but grateful, Mounds View thanks the community

    Over the last week in Mounds View Public Schools, we’ve learned that our community is much larger than we ever imagined. When a car accident took the lives of two students and hospitalized another, grief and shock set in quickly at Mounds View High School and beyond. But just as quickly, our community jumped in to show us how much it cares.
    It began within the District, when our high school rivalries were set aside, and Irondale students and staff donned “Mustang green” as a sign of solidarity. Irondale students created inspirational and supportive posters. Knights sports teams brought flowers to an evening vigil. And Irondale teachers brought breakfast to Mounds View staff. 
    That was only the beginning. 
    Across the metro and even the state, countless high schools inundated social media with caring messages of support – often posting photos of students by the dozens, all wearing green. One high school that recently endured its own student tragedy sent sandwiches to Mounds View. Several schools hand delivered flowers with thoughtful words of support. And a handful of teams offered moments of silence during their competitions to remember our students and their families. 
    Closer to home, our local community clearly shares our pain and has embraced an opportunity to help ease it.
    • Community members sent Mounds View High School close to 1,000 phone calls, e-mails, texts or letters.
    • Our local businesses and families have volunteered their time and resources with coffee, bagels, juice, fruit, supplies for memorials and messages of support.
    • Neighborhood parishes and faith-based organizations have organized prayer circles and supplied spiritual support for our students and families.
    • Ramsey County officials ensured our students could safely visit a makeshift memorial at the accident site – where deputies stood shoulder to shoulder with us in the freezing rain as students consoled each other.
    • Our neighborhood and metro media members have covered this tragic story with incredible respect and genuine concern for all involved.

    I don’t think we can properly say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to offer their condolences in ways large and small. But on behalf of our entire school district, I want all to know how much we have appreciated this support. 

    During these days when it’s sometimes difficult to find words to express our many feelings, one particular saying has especially resonated with me. Irondale students created a large banner for their peers at Mounds View that says it best. It reads, “We don’t heal in isolation, but in community.”

    Fortunately for us in Mounds View Public Schools, we will heal in community with all of you. 

    Chris Lennox
    thank you

    Support from the Mounds View Schools Education Foundation,
    the Bulletin Newspapers and the Shoreview Press made publishing the above
    acknowledgement possible in next week's papers.