• hall In response to increasing enrollment, the School Board has established a 39-member facilities task force and has directed administration to complete a capacity audit to compare current facility and program needs to the growing student body.

    Throughout 2016-17, the task force will review data, reports and studies in order to provide feedback to the Board regarding the following areas:

    Enrollment & Capacity
    Facilities: Quality & Condition
    Facilities: Instructional Program
    School & Community Connectedness
    Safety & Security


    To view the list of task force members, click here.
    To review the task force's process and timelines click here.

  • December 12, 2016: Statements of confirmation on enrollment and facilities quality/condition

    The Task Force affirmed the following statements related to future enrollment in the District:
    • Based on the data, we affirm using the high side estimates for growth, and believe that it will materialize sooner rather than later based in part on the mature population within the District (78% of homes do not have students) [High/High, Rice Creek Commons, and High/High w/o RCC].
    • We affirm using the high side estimates in the elementary schools as that is where we are going feel the impact first, with more flexibility with the middle and high school planning horizons.
    • It is important to affirm that it is understood that Rice Creek Commons development (TCAAP) will not result in building a new elementary school.
    • If enrollment numbers do not materialize as quickly as expected, we are comfortable that reopening non-resident enrollment will serve as a means of gaining additional students.
    In addition, the Task Force affirmed a series of statements for each site’s needs related to capacity, instruction, safety, community space, performance and activity, and program equity. To review the needs listed at each site, visit here.