• hall In response to increasing enrollment, the School Board has established a 39-member facilities task force and has directed administration to complete a capacity audit to compare current facility and program needs to the growing student body.

    Throughout 2016-17, the task force will review data, reports and studies in order to provide feedback to the Board regarding the following areas:

    Enrollment & Capacity
    Facilities: Quality & Condition
    Facilities: Instructional Program
    School & Community Connectedness
    Safety & Security


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  • November 28, 2016: School and community shared spaces/Safety and security
    At the November meeting, the task force discussed school and community-shared spaces, as well as school safety and security.

    School and community-shared spaces
    School connectedness is a key to student success, and it requires flexible facilities that accommodate ways for students and staff to connect inside and outside the classroom.

    In our high schools, cramped and outdated classrooms are the norm, along with insufficient activity spaces. Studies have shown an increasing demand for higher-capacity and higher-quality athletic facilities.The District routinely partners with community groups to co-operatively provide students with spaces that increase their opportunities to experience connectedness.

    Despite creative efforts to provide adequate space for connectedness, the District lags other high-performing and community-supported school districts. Over time, other communities have undertaken their own facilities initiatives resulting in convenient, multi functional state-of-the-art facilities. Mounds View competes with those districts, and residents expect the District’s facilities to be a reflection of their pride.

    School safety and security
    Despite recent security studies and enhancements, there’s still room for improvement. Through the work with consultants and an ongoing dialogue with law enforcement, recommendations were made for strengthening the security for each building. As any District-wide facilities improvements are contemplated, further safety and security enhancements must be considered in the scope of future work.

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