• hall In response to increasing enrollment, the School Board has established a 39-member facilities task force and has directed administration to complete a capacity audit to compare current facility and program needs to the growing student body.

    Throughout 2016-17, the task force will review data, reports and studies in order to provide feedback to the Board regarding the following areas:

    Enrollment & Capacity
    Facilities: Quality & Condition
    Facilities: Instructional Program
    School & Community Connectedness
    Safety & Security


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  • October 26, 2016: Quality, condition and impact on instruction
    At the October meeting, the task force considered the quality and condition of District facilities. Rapidly aging facilities have required extensive ongoing maintenance efforts. Despite maintenance efforts, the increased use of buildings and the 15-year gap since the last major upgrade have led to increased strain and failures of portions of the systems.

    The group also discussed the District’s instructional programming and the impact facilities have on this approach. It was noted:
    • Built 50+ years ago, today’s buildings are not poised for tomorrow’s educational needs, despite ongoing maintenance efforts.
    • Preparing students for real-world experiences requires creative, collaborative spaces.
    • Students require technology tools and support to remain current with today’s world. The schools’ infrastructure requires corresponding updates.
    Modern instructional spaces have evolved to the point where the District’s buildings are no longer optimal for a high quality of student instruction and personalization. Yet the District and community remain committed to the highest quality levels of education. The District has modified its buildings to meet this reality and create some usable and flexible learning space where possible, but schools are close to the limit of what they can reasonably provide students in terms of instruction spaces without a major reinvestment.

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