• hall In response to increasing enrollment, the School Board has established a 39-member facilities task force and has directed administration to complete a capacity audit to compare current facility and program needs to the growing student body.

    Throughout 2016-17, the task force will review data, reports and studies in order to provide feedback to the Board regarding the following areas:

    Enrollment & Capacity
    Facilities: Quality & Condition
    Facilities: Instructional Program
    School & Community Connectedness
    Safety & Security


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  • September 27, 2016: Enrollment & Capacity

    The task force considered and discussed a series of insight statements regarding enrollment and capacity issues which included the following:

    • Sustained enrollment growth is putting pressure on school site capacities across the District - specifically at the elementary school level.
    • Snail Lake Education Center and Pike Lake Education Center will remain open and dedicated to a growing number of pre-K and kindergarten students, while District offices are moving to the old Ramsey County Library in 2017.
    • The development of Rice Creek Commons (RCC) by itself, will not result in enough students to warrant the construction of an elementary school specifically for this development.

    Facing a new reality of significant, consistent enrollment growth, our current elementary and middle schools need increased capacity of approximately 1,000 -  1,700 additional students over the next 10 years. Adding flexible space to all sites is the best approach to allow the District to effectively and efficiently address enrollment and capacity issues into the future.

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