District challenges and proposals

  • As a result of rising enrollment and stressed capacity, Mounds View Public Schools currently experiences these challenges:
    Crowded hallways

    • Students often collaborate on the floors in hallways and squeeze into conference rooms because of a lack of classroom space.

    • Many classrooms are undersized for optimal personalized learning.

    • Students are crowded into cafeterias.

    • Students lose access to the gyms when large group assembly spaces are needed for concerts, plays or assemblies.

    • Music lessons and rehearsals frequently occur in the hallways, stairwells, cafeterias, entrances or lobbies.

    • Drop-off and pick-up locations for parents and buses create congested areas and limit safe walking paths to and from the buildings.

    • Several school entrances do not provide a smooth and safe flow of students and visitors. 

    If voters approve the bond on Election Day, November 7, Mounds View Public Schools will receive the following improvements: 

    • More than 40 additional, larger classrooms allowing schools to operate at 85 – 90 percent of their capacity.

    • Additional flexible learning spaces allowing students and teachers to collaborate more closely in spaces designed for personalized learning.

    • Expanded cafeterias providing needed relief for students during meal times and allowing for additional scheduling options.

    • Additional gymnasium spaces allowing for flexible use.

    • Additional spaces for non-academic club/activity purposes maximizing facility use before, during and after the school day.

    • Additional spaces allowing specialists to use their instructional time more efficiently.

    • Expanded music spaces giving students the proper environment for music instruction.

    • Improved entrances and pathways to schools enhancing safety and security for parents, students and staff.

    • Updated HVAC systems improving the buildings’ mechanical efficiencies.


    What does this mean for your school?

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