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  • Good afternoon everyone! 

    Well, the regular season has come and gone in what feels like minutes.  We are very proud of how the athletes handled the chaos over the last 4 weeks and very appreciative of all the parents as well.   Thank you for your patience with last-minute game changes and bus challenges. 



    This week we start sections(playoffs) for Varsity.  Here is the layout of the tournament.  We will play Tuesday and Wednesday for sure.  It is a double elim schedule.  I hope you are able to come and cheer the ladies on!

    We will not have a bus for sections.

    Entry to sections is via an online link and you will not be able to purchase tickets at the gate. Here is the link:



    The link for the bracket will not attach so here are the basics.

    All games will be played at North St. Paul.

    Game 1 Tartan(#4) VS MV(#5) Field 4 at 4:30pm 5/23/2023

    Game 2 ?  VS MV field ? at 4:30 5/24/2023

    Should we win either game on Tuesday or Wednesday, we will play again on Thursday 5/25/2023 at 4:30


    Uniform turn in for JV and 9 will be this week.  I'll let you know.  Please make sure to clean them before turning them in.  

    Coach Tom                                         5/21/2023

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  • Good day everyone!!

    Well, Mother Nature is testing us this week.  The next few weeks are going to be filled with games and very little practice.  With that being said, I need everyone to be aware and alert of the following.



    1. Athletes will be getting out early almost daily.  Please remember that school/ class is a priority.  If an athlete needs to be in class on any given day, then they need to be in class.  It is each player's responsibility to take care of their schoolwork.  You will need to communicate with your teachers and make sure you are getting things done.  If you have to be in class, it is your responsibility to inform your coach and you will be responsible for getting yourself to the game on that day.  


    2. Attendance in school.  If an athlete is marked absent from a class during the day, unless it has been excused by the school, they will not be eligible to participate in any after-school activities.  I do not wish to deal with this.  Please be in class.


    3.  Sleep - please get a good amount of sleep.  Put your phones away and get some sleep.


    4.  Nutrition - please make sure that you have snacks, beverages and whatever you need to stay hydrated and nourished.  With as many games as we will have in the next few weeks, it will be crucial to maintain nutrition and hydration.


    5.  Ice - please ice your arms or anything that is hurting after a game or practice.  


    6.  Uniforms - please make sure that you are washing your uniform.  We want to represent our team and school with clean uniforms at every game.  The cleaning instructions for the NIke jerseys are on this site to the left of this message.  Extra pants and socks may be a necessity.  The captains will have a uniform schedule for the V/JV teams.   


    This week -  Early out for all High schoolers, home games will be 2:30 and away games will be 2:10.  Any middle schoolers on JV will be out 2:00 to be to the HS to take the bus on away days. 


    V plays 5 games with only Thursday for practice. 

    JV will have 4 games as Roseville does not have a JV team.

    9 team will have 4 games, with all at Rice Creek.


    Everyone will be playing on Saturday vs Irondale for our Youth day.  I am hoping that you all have or will commit your time to assist wherever possible.  The Booster club, MVSA and Irondales booster club have been doing a tremendous amount of planning to make this happen.  Its going to be awesome! 


    Coach Tom                                   2/22/2023

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  • Good Sunday everyone!

    Two weeks to start our season!!  I can't wait.  

    Please make sure that you register sooner rather than later.  No one can begin the season without being registered.  Here is the link -

    Parent/player meeting this Thursday at 7:00pm in the Auditorium.  Fair warning, it will be a busy place with the Girls BB section game going on.  


    Something cool and new to me!  

     This year I'm using Remind to send updates on important season information.

    To sign up for MVHS SOFTBALL notifications, please visit 


    See previous info below for more great details. 

    One thing to add to the list in the message below is that the school does not provide Bat's to use.


    See you all on Thursday!!  Please pass this info on to anyone you believe has not received any info.  


    Coach Tom                                   2/26/23

    It's what you say to yourself when you're by yourself that matters most!


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  • Good Sunday everyone!!

    Only 3 weeks to the start of our season... Wow, that's coming fast.  Don't delay your registration, you must be registered in order to participate on day one, no exceptions.  See below for the pathway to register.  

    Be sure that all athletes text me the positions they are wanting to try out for prior to tryouts.  Top two positions labeled as such in the text.  If they only have one position, that is ok.  

    If you and your family will be out of town on Vacation during spring break please let me know.  This info will help us to organize our practices better based on head count.

    A couple of note worthy items that will be discussed during our parent/player meeting(upcoming on March 2nd at 7pm in the Auditorium).  Things you will need for the season.

    1. Black softball pants - must be worn at all practices and games.  I would suggest having a couple of pairs at the ready.  Varsity and JV will be required to have White game pants also.  I do not care what brand you choose as I know they all fit differently.  The only thing required is they must be solid color with no colored piping down the legs, outlining pockets or anywhere else.

    2. Black belt for all levels.  Black and Green for V/JV.

    3. Matte White batting helmet - we will provide the MV sticker

    4.  Black softball socks for all - Black and White for V/JV.  I would definitely suggest multiple pairs.

    5. Visors - every rostered player will receive one courtesy from the Booster club.

    6. Practice T-shirt - every rostered player will receive one courtesy from the Booster club.  There may be extra for purchase.  This will depend on head counts.

    7.  Practice shirts must be a MV shirt - Black is recommended and preferred.

    8. The Hard Hat - every rostered player will receive a copy of this book along with an "Action plan" to be gone over with their coaches.  Courtesy of the coaching staff.

    We are very excited to get the season off and running.  I can't wait to see you all on the 2nd!


    If you want to go fast - go alone.

    If you want to far - go together.


    Coach Tom                                   02/19/2023


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  • Good afternoon everyone!  Here is some basic info on the start of our season.  Times and dates are subject to change.  All of this will be added to the school activities calendar very soon.  All game schedules are posted.
    March 2nd 7:00pm - 8:30pm Parent/player meeting in the Auditorium at MVHS.  This is a Mandatory meeting for players and parents.  Please save the date.
    March 13th - Day 1 of our official season
    March 13th -17th 5:30pm - 7:30pm structured clinic/practices. I would like to make these mandatory but cannot, though they are highly recomended to get our season off to a good start. Our first Mandatory practice will be March 18th 7:00am - 9:00am.  We then go straight into tryoutson the 20th.  Please use our scheduled Captains practices to get some training in prior to the season start.
    March 20th - Tryouts 7:00pm-9:30pm
    March 21st - 6:30pm- 7:30pm team placements.  7:30pm - 9:30pm team practices begin
    March 22nd - 24th 6:30pm - 9:30pm - the first hour of our time will be going over our action plan for our book read "The Hard Hat" along with some "Chalk Talk" then move into practice.  This is mandatory for all Varsity.  JV and 9 players are invited to all prepractice sessions.
    March 25th - 7:00am - 9:00am - practice - Varsity only
    March 27th - 31st - if still indoors practice 5:30pm - 7:30pm, Varsity 4:30-5:30pm book and chalk talk.  If outdoors practice will be 4:00pm - 6:00pm (outdoors will be highly unlikely)
    April 1st - 7:00am - 9:00am practice - Varsity only
    April 3rd is the first game of the season...???maybe.  Only mother nature knows.
    Mark your calendars for our 1st annual MV softball day to be held on April 29th.  Look forward to some volunteer opportunites to make this an amazing event.  There is a ton of work being done by many to bring this to action.
    Please mark your calendars and spread the word for all to look at this website for updated info.  
    Well Done > Well Said
    Coach Tom                                              1/21/2023
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  • New to MVHS Softball?

    Are you new to the Mounds View High School Softball program? Would you like to be included in important communications and updates?

    Please email us at: and we'll get you added!

    This is important for players and parents. We are interested in anyone from 7th grade through 12th grade that is attending or will attend Mounds View High School. Information will ONLY be used within our organization and will NOT be shared outside.

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