• 2020-2021 Irondale Nordic Skiing 


    Summer Training Information:

    The Covid-19 pandemic had really changed the landscape of training!  Even in the midst of the pandemic - several training groups are posting training suggestions!  Lots of information is being posted on skinnyski.com. Make sure to check it out!


    I help coach the Vakava Jr program through Finn Sisu, but there are other options out there.  Vakava Jr normally meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings - hopefully in person training will be available sometime this summer!  FinnSisu has an interest sign-up - encourage you to check it out!

    Some of our best skiers have trained with this group and I have had own kids (Hanna and Bjorn) do the training program as well!


    Irondale Summer Rollerski:

    There are no group workouts scheduled yet - once conditions allow group meetings, I will post on the website and send out a remind notifying everyone.  In the mean time, check out some gear and go for workouts on your own!

    In a normal summer - Captains would be leading rollerski workouts. They would be meeting on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30-11am - meeting at the ski room (new building in very back of Irondale)!

    Still lots of construction this summer @ Irondale - we have access to our ski room that you can leave some rollerski gear during the week.  Strongly encourage skiers to take rollerskis home and get some rollerskiing in on your own!

    Returning this summer - Log your summer rollerski hours and earn a T-SHIRT!!!

    Link to log your summer rollerski hours!



    Photo Link  -We will be adding photo's from throughout the season to a Google Photo page!  Thanks to the parents that are contributing photo's!


    Practice is very weather dependant and can change quickly, forcing a change in the workout plan!

    Please be prepared to ski/run/rollerski/workout inside every day!  

    Be prepared with hat, gloves and light layers every day!


    Parent Social - Friday, Dec 6th 7-9pm hosted by the Stolen Family!

    Please bring an appetizer or desert to share


    Theodore Wirth Pass

    Price:  Season Pass  $50       Daily Pass $20

    Theodore Wirth trail pass is purchased through the Loppet Foundation.  Skiers will need to go directly to the Loppet website to purchase season passes individually.  

    When purchasing your season pass - you should see IrondaleSkis1920 in the discout applied window - all access price should be $50 (all access allows skier to use man made trail as well as all other Loppet trails)

    Link to Purchase All Access Trail Pass


    Fundraising Information:

    Ramsey County Yardwaste Fundraiser- Sunday, November 3- 11am-5pm (3 shifts)

    Skiers and Parents are encouraged to participate in this year's yardwaste fundraiser. We will assist residents with unloading leaf bags and yard waste from their vehicles. Residents help support Irondale Nordic with Voluntary donations.  We are working the Arden Hills Site this year!

    Yardwaste Fundraiser Signup Form

    Ramsey County Yardwaste Parental Consent Form 

    Silver Lake Village-Cub Foods Bagging Fundraiser December 29, 10am-6PM (4 shifts)

    Skiers and Parents are encouraged to participate in this year's Cub Foods Bagging fundraiser. We will assist shoppers with bagging groceries. Shoppers help support the Irondale Nordic Teamwith Voluntary donations.

    Cub Bagging Fundraiser Signup Form


    Remind - Texting information

    Coach Torvi uses the Remind texting service to send lots of team information.  Athletes and parents - please sign up to get the most current team information!

    Nordic Remind Info


    Irondale Mn Youth Ski League!

    Sunday's 2-3:30pm January and February

    Alumni skiers Liz Axberg and Laura Jankowski are coordingating the first year of a MYSL learn to ski group out of Irondale!  The target age for this group is elementary age 1st-5th graders.  The program will last 8 weeks - 1.5 hours each Sunday - January and February.  The group will meet out of the ski room and ski the Irondale trails.

    Liz and Laura will be looking for skiers that are willing to help teach skiing!

    Have questions?  Email Laura Jankowski - irondale@mysl.org  

    Link to the Irondale MYSL website:  Irondale MYSL Club


    Rollerski Videos!

    Rollerskiing Motivation!



    World Cup - Lillehammer, Norway

    Lillehammer Womens Skiathlon

    Lillehammer Mens Skiathalon


    World Cup - Ruka, Finland

    Ruka Women's Sprint Final

    Ruka-Men's Sprint Finals

    Ruka Women's Classic

    Ruka Men's Classic

    Ruka Women's Skate Pursuit

    Ruka Men's Skate Pursuit