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    We thank our Sponsors for their significant contributions to the Mounds View High School Baseball Program!






    The Diamond Club exists as an organization of parents and community persons dedicated to supporting, encouraging and advancing the Mounds View High School Baseball Program and all the benefits the baseball program provides for the students of Mounds View  High School.


    Link: Complete Mission Statement






    President: Jay Guerin (jguerin@gradient.com)


    Vice-President: Steve Hoemann (shoemann03@gmail.com)


    Treasurer: Todd Chervany    (todd.chervany@gmail.com)


    Secretary: Jacqie Simon (simon476@comcast.net)




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    Diamond Club Volunteer Opportunities

    Diamond Club Logo

    The Diamond Club provides significant support in providing a great high school baseball experience for the players.  There are many opportunities to get involved!


    Link to 2021 Volunteer Opportunities


    14th Annual Diamond Club Dinner

    Diamond Club Perkins  

    Diamond CLub Rantz Perkins

    Diamond Club Pedersen

    Thanks Diamond Club for putting on another first class event!

    Thanks Twins and Gophers great Glen Perkins for great stories and message!  Thanks Twins HOF'er Jim Rantz for moderating with Glen and sharing your experiences!

    Thanks 1997 MV Alum Mark Pedersen for your great message about the importance of enjoying and cherishing your high school years; of enjoying competing with your childhood friends!

     Letter From Diamond Club President Kathy Goldman