• Mom & Child Q: What is Early Childhood Family Education-ECFE?

    A: ECFE offers classes taught by licensed teachers for parents and their young children birth to age five.

    Q: What do families do at ECFE?

    A: Parents and children listen, laugh and learn together in ECFE class.

    Q: What does ECFE provide for parents?

    A: ECFE provides a place to meet other families with young children, a place to share joys, concerns and support. Parents will also hear about the latest research on child development and family relationships.

    Q: What does ECFE provide for children?

    A: ECFE provides a place to explore, cooperate and create. ECFE offers play and learn activities to encourage each child's development and to interact with other children.

    Q: What does ECFE cost?

    A: Many classes have a set fee. Other class fees are on a sliding fee scale based on family income. No one is denied participation due to inability to pay one day/week ECFE class fees.

    Q: How do I enroll in ECFE?

    A: Visit our online registration website:


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