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    Ski Rental

    Ski Rental is available for new skiers.

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    Equipment Guidelines


    Ski Boots- 

    Combi Boots- Combination Skate and Classic boots- These are suitable for most skiers, and allows skiers to only have 1 pair of boots.

    More advanced skiers will have 2 pair of boots skate boots and classic boots.  Sometimes skiers will use their combi boots as classic boots.



    Classic Skis- Classic Skis should be roughly 10 inches longer than your height. Classic skis need to be flex tested /checked at a ski shop or by your coach

    Skate Skis- Skate Skis shoul be roughly 2-4 inches longer than your height- should be flex tested / checked at a ski shop or by your coach


    Ski Bindings-

    New ski boots and binding are all basically the same type (They will basically be called NNN).  

    Used ski bindings come in 2 different types (SNS-Pilot or NNN) Ski boots and ski bindings need to be the same binding type - if you have questions - make sure to ask a coach


    Ski Poles-

    Classic Poles- pole should be equal to the top of shoulder

    Skate Poles- pole should be equal to tip of nose


    Waxes and waxing supplies

    Glide Wax- coaches recommend Rex brand glide wax 

                  -OF Blue 423 is what you will use the most (Green and Violet are also recommended)

                   Rex Glide wax @ FinnSisu


                                   -Fast Wax  is a less expensive option, but still good choice - (they sell a pack that includes 3 temp range waxes called a 1-2-3 go pack) 


    Kick wax:  Rode Kick Wax options

    Rode multi (2 ranges) + rosa  

    Kick wax cork $5 (estimate)


    Ski Bag- All skiers need a ski bag to store skis and poles!

    Recommended ski bag



    Ski Shops

    Finn Sisu

    Joe's Sporting Goods