• Carbo Loads/ Team Dinners

    Each Year, Parents host a number of Carbo Loads/ Team Dinners for skiers the night before some of the races. The meals are great team building and bonding activities for our skiers and give everyone who attends a chance to get to know each other better over a meal.

    Please consider signing up to be a Host (Your House) or a Co-Host (Helping at the Host's House). The Host and Co-Host are responsible for providing the main dishes (typically pasta, lasagna, mac and cheese etc.) and paper producrs or dishes.

    Attending skiers are expected to bring Desserts, Salads, Drinks etc.

    Middle Schoolers/Freshman- Drinks and bread





    Carbo Load Host/Co-Host Signup Form


    Meet Treats and Drinks

    Each Year, we ask Parents to volunteer to provide drinks and treats for each of our ski meets. Nordic Skiing and Racing is very physically demanding and skiers really enjoy and appreciate a treat and drink after time trials and races. There are 2 spots for treats and 2 for drinks for each event. Parents can bring the treats or drinks to the meets if they are attending, or send them on the bus with the skiers if they are unable to attend the event.

    Gatorade, juice boxes/bags and water work well for drinks, and cookies, bars, granola bars etc. work well for treats.


    Treats and Drinks Signup Form