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    Bel Air Weekly Update

     December 4-8, 2017


    Monday, December 4: 

    5:00-8:00 pm - Culver's Night - St. Anthony



    Tuesday, December 5: 



    Wednesday, December 6: 
    College Wear Day



    Thursday, December 7:

    10:00-10:30 am - Band Concert - Gym

    3:30-4:45 pm - Mentoring



    Friday, December 8:


    Future Events

    Dec. 11 - Holiday Sharing Set Up - 3:00-6:00 pm
    Dec. 12-14 - 2nd Gr - Winter Literacy Celebrations - 9:30-10:45 am
    Dec. 12 - Band Concert @ Highview - 7:00-8:00 pm
    Dec. 13 - Holiday Sharing Pick Up - 9:00 am - 6:30 pm
    Dec. 19 - BA/VH Orchestra Concert - 9:15-9:45 am
    Dec. 19 - BA/VH Orchestra Concert @ Highview - 6:30-7:30 pm
    Dec. 19 - 1st Gr - Penquin Party - 10:00-11:30 am
    Dec. 20 - Classroom Winter Parties
    Dec. 21-Jan. 1 - NO SCHOOL - Winter Break


    Movie Night at Irondale

    Irondale High School is hosting a movie night on Wednesday, December 6th at 5:30 in the Irondale Auditorium. The first showing is The Incredibles at 5:30, and the second is Hairspray at 7:30. See the flyer below for more details. Families and students are invited!  Flyer




    From the School Nurse -

    Every year parents have questions about avoiding head lice.  According to the CDC, “Head lice can be a nuisance but they have not been shown to spread disease. Personal hygiene or cleanliness in the home or school has nothing to do with getting head lice. Head lice are spread most commonly by direct contact with the hair of an infested person. Spread by contact with inanimate objects and personal belongings may occur but is very uncommon.”


    Helpful tips for you to teach your children to help prevent head lice include:

    • Avoid direct head to head contact with others at school, home, sports, playground, slumber parties

    • Always place hats and scarves in coat sleeves, rather than piling them on the shelf above the coats (this prevents both lice and loss)

    • Avoid sharing combs, brushes, hair ornaments, towels, pillows, and sleeping bags


    There have been a few cases identified at Bel Air this year and we appreciate being informed of these cases by the parents. This enables us to partner with you and support your efforts. Please take time to check your child’s head on a regular basis and contact the health office if you do identify head lice.  This can assist us with identification of other cases as well as allowing us to provide you with information regarding treatment and prevention of future lice recurrence.

    Kathy Knutson​, 

    Licensed School Nurse
    Parent Teacher Association - PTA
    Curious about the Bel Air PTA?  We now have a Facebook page!  Please check out Bel Air Tigers PTA for updates on meetings, events, volunteer opportunities and general information on the PTA.  The next meeting is November 28 at 6pm.  Childcare is provided at all meetings.
    ***Cold Weather Information*** 
    Now that the weather is cooling down, please dress your kids accordingly for the day - Hats, warm mittens, scarfs, snow pants and warm coats. We go outside everyday that the temperature is 0 or above and windchill is -10 below or above.

    Boots are required for all grade levels to play on the playground. Boots and snow pants are required for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade to play on the playground; 4th and 5th grade need only boots. If a student does not have these things, they need to stay on the blacktop during recess. If a student gets wet there are no dry clothes for them to change into. All winter gear is important to keep your child warm and comfortable.

    Voters said YES

    Voters approved the District’s facilities bond request on Election Day 2017 by a margin of 73 percent in favor to 27 percent opposed. 10,129 residents voted in favor of the proposal, while 3,689 voted to reject the request. As a result of the vote, schools will soon begin a multi-year phased approach to adding space at all schools throughout the District. In addition, voters elected residents Marre Jo Sager, Diane Glasheen and Shauna Bock to seats on the School Board. To read a message on the election results from Superintendent Chris Lennox, visit here.

    Community Ed Before/After School Activities
    Before/After School Activities as well as Saturday and Release Day Activities can be found on the EFlyer Page Here.
    Register Early, activities that don't meet their minimum number of students one week prior to the event, will be canceled.  
    You can also use the following linkhttps://www.moundsviewschools.org/youthprograms



    Show your school spirit

    District and school spiritwear is now available online. Click here for Bel Air spiritwear. Other Mounds View Public Schools spiritwear is available here.


    Student Safety:
    In order to ensure the safety of students during arrival and dismissal, we will be closing the lower parking lot from 8:15 – 8:45 a.m. and 3:15 – 3:45 p.m.  ALL students being transported by parents to and from school need to be dropped off/ picked up using the carpool lane in the back of the building.  We appreciate your support in using the carpool lane to ensure the safety of all.


    November Home & School Connection
    (English) (Spanish

    Building Security Procedures
    A visitor screening system helps track visitors and volunteers at each school, providing a safe and monitored environment for students and staff. When parents come to pickup their child(ren), or visitors check in, they will be asked to present a valid state issued ID for entering into the system.


    Phone Numbers/Staff Directory 

    Staff phone numbers and email addresses are available on the Bel Air Website at: Bel Air Staff. To reach a teacher via email: firstname.lastname@moundsviewschools.org.  


    Stay in touch with the happenings at Bel Air School.  Every Friday evening our weekly Bel Air Update is sent via e-mail.  Or it is available by visiting our Bel Air School website.  If you need a hard copy, please contact the school office.

    Find the latest handouts/eFlyers on the Bel Air website here.


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