Choir Registration Information

  • Do you love singing and want to be part of the Irondale Choir tradition of excellence?  We want you!  


     Choir is a place where you will deepen current friendships and develop new ones with positive and involved people.  You will have experiences that will stand out as the best parts of high school for you.  These experiences can include concerts, tours or just getting the chance to sing and move and be creative every day.   


     Many students and families are overwhelmed by the registration process.  This web site contains links to several documents meant to help you plan a schedue at Irondale that includes Choir.  Please contact me if you have questions:

    Why should you be in Choir at Irondale? - Student quotes

    Overview of the Irondale Choir program

    This page describes the different choirs and some of the many extra ways to be involved in singing at Irondale.

    Four years of Choir are possible! 

    This document is an overview of different ways to make Choir/music work in your schedule.  There are over 500 students at Irondale in music.  If they can do it, you can too!

    Four year plan worksheet

    This document shows you the school's requirements for each year of high school.  Some students may have variations due to individual learning needs.  There are many spaces for choices throughout the four years of high school.  You want to use your choices to pursue the courses that broaden your learning opportunities, connect you with positive people at Irondale, prepare you for a constantly changing job market, and complete all credit requirements as outlined in the Registration Guide.  

    Examples of real student schedules

    All of these students are 2019 graduates of Irondale and have been in choir for four years, participated in sports or other activities at school, and are going to college (or in one case the Marines).  These examples can be helpful for people to see some of the various ways students can complete all requirements.

    Early College Seminar courses?  Here is a guide.

    This guide can help you think through your options to make Choir possible.  You absolutely can make Early College and Choir throughout high school work.  We have dozens of students doing it every year.  Also, all of the example schedules above are from students who were in College Seminar courses.


    Link to the school's Registration page