Vision and Mission

  • Computer lab Chippewa Middle School exists to ignite and to nurture students' aspirations. We are skilled educators, driven by the potential of our learners to impact the world and confident in our ability to cause deep and meaningful learning to happen for each and every student.

    Chippewa is a culture of connectedness, efficacy, and personalized learning. We seek to understand and continuously improve the impact of our teaching on students’ learning. We work collaboratively to ensure our students know what they're learning and how they’re progressing. We strive to be connected and responsive to the students and families we serve by communicating with frequency and clarity and by designing learning activities that are engaging and aligned to student interest.

    We are committed to successfully preparing all students for a future that neither we nor they can predict. Through our STEAM programming, we wish to create a learning culture whereby students view themselves as creative problem-solvers. We teach and promote collaboration, reflection, engagement, self-advocacy, flexible thinking and exploration.

    We innovate. We inspire. We connect. We are Chippewa.