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    February 2, 2018 



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    sucker Candy Grams for Sale
    Eagle Leaders will be selling candy grams before school on Tuesday, February 6, through Friday, February 9. You can send a candy gram to a friend, to someone you like, or we even have a special candy gram to send to someone you secretly admire. Candy grams are 50 cents each and include a tasty heart pop and custom card. Candy grams will be delivered February 12-14 to first hour classes. All proceeds will go to the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf. Send that "someone special" a candy gram and support our local food shelf!
    Quiz Bowl Going to Nationals


    On Saturday, January 27, Edgewood's Quiz Bowl Team participated at a Quiz Bowl Meet in Burnsville. The teams did well and the "A Team" won all of their games by more than 100 points, placing First out of 30 teams! The "A Team" below - Molly Schuh, Xander Pichner, Graham Kyhl, and McCullen Willmert - will go on to represent Edgewood at Nationals in Chicago in May. The team is led by staff members Zoe Kourajian and Dan Perucco. Way to go, Quiz Bowl Team!
    quiz bowl  
    January Students of the Month
    Edgewood Staff members nominated the following students who showed their Eagle Pride during the month of January:
    6th Grade - Kashia Vang, Noah Kreischer, Ava Bagwill, Lucy Lee, Anas Enanaa, and Zoey Killian.
    7th Grade - Pearl Fozao, Samia Yusuf, Carolyn Waterhouse, Bryce Young, and Camerin Stewart.
    8th Grade - Pam Chapman, Victor Covarrubias, Byron Munoz, Ellie Knudsen, Elizabeth Ledoux, and Sam Mechah. 
    Keep up the great work!
    EPAT EPAT Meeting
    Please join us for our next EPAT meeting on Monday, February 5, at 5:30 p.m. in the Front Office Conference Room. We will share updates on our future building design process and answer any questions you might have regarding changes at Edgewood. We hope you can join us. 
    boy smiling Picture Day is Coming!
    Spring Picture Day is scheduled for Wednesday, February 21, at Edgewood. Picture order forms will be available outside of Student Services beginning the week of February 5. Money and order forms should be returned on picture day. Any questions, call LifeTouch at 1-866-955-8342.  
     unity Unity Event Volunteers Needed
    We would like to cordially invite you to join us at this year's Unity Event on Friday, February 9, 2018, from 2:45-4:30 p.m. The Unity Event is FREE and is all about celebrating the diversity in our building so during this time you will have opportunities to learn about different cultures! Students can visit tables in the Heritage Hall and complete passports to be entered in a raffle at the end to win Beats Wireless Headphones by Dr. Dre.  We will also have ticket stations so be sure to bring MONEYThe stations will include: Pie-A-Teacher, Pop Ring Toss, Basketball Shot, Soccer Kick, Pringle Challenge, Karaoke, Concessions and more!!!  You better make plans to come and wear any cultural clothing if you have it because it’s going to be CELEBRATION!!!

    phy ed Clothing Donations Needed
    The Phy Ed Department is looking for phy ed clothing donations for both male and female students. Donations needed include swimwear, t-shirts, athletic shorts, sweatpants, leggings, and athletic shoes (size 9 or larger) with shoelaces to give out to students in need. If you have any of the above items that your students have outgrown, we'd love to take them off your hands. 
    reminder After-School Pick-up
    As a reminder, for the safety and security of all, students must either exit the building or be in a supervised after-school program at the end of the regular school day. If you pick up your student and cannot get here in time for the 2:45 p.m. release, students waiting for a ride must find a program to attend until their ride arrives. Thank you for your help in maintaining a safe school environment.
     ear buds Ear Bud Reminder
    As we come to the middle of the school year, we'd like to remind all students and families that with the increase of technology use in our school, ear buds and/or headphones have become a necessary basic school supply and - similar to pencils - are something used every day in classrooms. Please check in with your Edgewood student to make sure that he or she still has working headphones or ear buds that can be left at school. If your student is in need of an extra pair of ear buds for class, Edgewood does have a vending machine available in the sixth grade hallway with ear buds for $1.50 each. (Please note: vending machine accepts quarters only.

    Thank you for all the support you give your students and our school!  

    camera Art Contest
    Do you want a chance to win $50? Do you like taking pictures, drawing, making 3D models, or creating short videos? Enter the Shoreview Human Rights Art Contest! See Ms. Beethe for more information. 

    yearbook Order Your Yearbook TODAY!

    If you have not ordered your yearbook as of yet, you can do so online at YBPAY.LIFETOUCH.COM, code #10712918. Yearbook packages range from $21.50 for soft cover to $27.00 for hard cover books with accessories. Yearbooks are available to order online ONLY until April 1, 2018 

    before after school Before and After-School Programs
    Information regarding available activities can be found here
    Activity buses will be available Monday-Friday to all students staying after school. Students not in a program or assigned with a teacher are not eligible for activity bus transportation.
    Edgwood also offers many Community Ed sports opportunities throughout the year. Find out more in the AFTER-SCHOOL SPORTS section below. 
    Week of February 5, 2018

    MONDAY, February 5 (A Day)

    • F.A.N. Club – Cafeteria/Gym  7:00-7:55
    • Breakfast Served – Cafeteria  7:30–7:55
    • After School Snack – Cafeteria  2:45-3:00
    • American Indian Club - Choir Room  3:00-4:00
    • Computer Club – LMC  3:00-4:00  (Must Sign Up)
    • Girls Basketball Practice - Gym  3:00-4:00
    • Homework Help Center – Room 12  3:00-4:00  (Must Sign Up)
    • Quiz Bowl - Room 16  3:00-4:00
    • Reading Zone – Room 114  3:00-4:00
    • Robotics Club - Room 40  3:00-4:00
    • Science Zone - Room 110/112  3:00-4:00  (8th Grade in 110, 6th Grade in 112 ONLY)
    • Ski & Snowboarding @ Afton Alps  3:00-9:30
    • Teen Leaders Club @ MVCC  3:00-4:30  (Take Bus #47)

    TUESDAY, February 6 (B Day)

    • Chess Club - Room 106  7:00-7:45
    • F.A.N. Club – Cafeteria/Gym  7:00-7:55
    • Breakfast Served – Cafeteria  7:30–7:55
    • After School Snack – Cafeteria  2:45-3:00
    • Boys Basketball Game @ Highview  3:45-5:30
    • Computer Club – LMC  3:00-4:00  (Must Sign Up)
    • Girls Ensemble - Choir Room  3:00-4:00
    • Reading Zone – Room 114  3:00-4:00
    • Science Zone - Room 10  3:00-4:00  (7th Grade ONLY)
    • Ski & Snowboarding @ Afton Alps  3:00-9:30
    • Social Studies Zone - Room 18  3:00-4:00  (Must Sign Up)
    • Teen Leaders Club @ MVCC  3:00-4:30  (Take Bus #47)

    WEDNESDAY, February 7 (B Day)

    • F.A.N. Club – Cafeteria/Gym  7:00-7:55
    • Jazz Band - Band Room  7:00-7:55
    • Breakfast Served – Cafeteria  7:30–7:55
    • After School Snack – Cafeteria  2:45-3:00
    • Adventure Club - Room 40  3:00-4:00  (Must Sign Up)
    • Amazon Club - Room 3  3:00-4:00  (Must Sign Up)
    • Computer Club – LMC  3:00-4:00  (Must Sign Up)
    • Culture Crew - Room 234  3:00-4:00
    • Drawing Club - Room 4  3:00-4:00
    • Girls Basketball Game @ Highview  3:45-5:00
    • Quiz Bowl - Room 16  3:00-4:00
    • Reading Zone – Room 114  3:00-4:00
    • Science Zone - Room 10/112  3:00-4:00  (8th Grade in 10, 6th Grade in 112 ONLY)
    • Strategic Gaming Club - Cafeteria  3:00-4:00
    • STRIPES - Room 5  3:00-4:00
    • Teen Leaders Club @ MVCC  3:00-4:30  (Take Bus #47)

    THURSDAY, February 8 (Odd Block A Day)

    • F.A.N. Club – Cafeteria/Gym  7:00-7:55
    • Breakfast Served – Cafeteria  7:30–7:55
    • Girls Ensemble - Choir Room  7:15-7:45 a.m.
    • After School Snack – Cafeteria  2:45-3:00
    • Boys Basketball Practice - Gym  3:00-4:00
    • Chamber Orchestra - Orchestra Room  3:00-4:00
    • Computer Club – LMC  3:00-4:00  (Must Sign Up)
    • Creative Build Club - Room 9  3:00-4:00
    • Reading Zone – Room 114  3:00-4:00
    • Robotics Club - Room 40  3:00-4:00
    • Science Zone - Room 10  3:00-4:00  (7th Grade ONLY)
    • Social Studies Zone - Room 18  3:00-4:00
    • Teen Leaders Club @ MVCC  3:00-4:30  (Take Bus #47)
    • Yearbook Club -  Room 12  3:00-4:00

    FRIDAY, February 9 (Even Block A Day)

    • F.A.N. Club – Cafeteria/Gym  7:00-7:55
    • Jazz Band - Band Room  7:00-7:55
    • Breakfast Served – Cafeteria  7:30–7:55
    • Unity Event – Cafeteria/Gym  2:45-4:30
      *Activities are subject to change, please listen for daily announcements.
    Science Zone Schedule Change
    The Science Department has changed their schedule for Science Zone to better accomodate students this quarter. The new schedule is below: 
    6th Grade in Room 112 ONLY
    8th Grade in Room 110 ONLY
    7th Grade in Room 10 ONLY
    8th Grade in Room 10 ONLY
    6th Grade in Room 112 ONLY
    7th Grade in Room 10 ONLY
    All grades in Room 5; however students must be working on specific projects. 
    game time Strategic Gaming Club
    The Strategic Gaming Club will begin on Wednesday, February 7. This club will run after-school on Wednesdays from 3:00-4:00 p.m. If you like to play games like Magic the Gathering, Risk, The Seven Wonders, and other similar games, then this club is for you!

    basketball Winter After-School Sports
    The Boys and Girls Basketball programs will run through Wednesday, February 14. The registration form can be found here. Transportation is provided to and from all games. 
    The Basketball schedule is below: 
    Monday, February 5: Girls Basketball Practice
    Tuesday, February 6: Boys Basketball Game @ Highview Middle School 
    Wednesday, February 7: Girls Basketball Game @ Highview Middle School
    Thursday, February 8: Boys Basketball Practice
    Afteski lift r-School Ski and Snowboard Program
    The ski and snowboard program runs Mondays and Tuesdays, weather permitting. Buses will depart after school and arrive back to their respective schools by 9:30 p.m. Students must ride the motorcoach bus both ways. Students may not be dropped off or picked up from the ski area - NO EXCEPTIONS!  
    Cold Weather Cancellations: When the National Weather Service's noon forecast predicts temperatures at -20F (actual temp or wind chill) or colder for the afternoon and evening and/or bus company, Washington & Chisago County Sheriff or ski area reports unsafe conditions, the ski program will be cancelled that day and rescheduled for the end of the session.  For updated information, call the Ski Hotline at 651-621-7484 after noon on the day in question.


    softball MVHS Softball Youth Clinic

    Join the Mounds View High School Softball coaches and players for a comprehensive Youth Softball Clinic for grades 3 through 8. The clinic will teach players the skills and drills that the high school coaches are looking for, and help prepare players for Spring tryouts! 

    Two Saturday dates, February 10 and February 24, remain to prepare for the upcoming MVSA (and other teams) tryouts! (Cost has been pro-rated through online registration to cover the remaining two dates.)

    All players will work on offensive and defensive skills from 1-3 p.m. each Saturday. Pitchers and catchers will have a dedicated time from 3-4 p.m. (additional cost). Find details AND register online: www.moundsviewschools.org/mvsoftball. Please contact Booster President, Alyson Whalen, at mvhsfastpitch@gmail.com with any questions.


    Mounds View Public Schools and the Special Education Parent and Professional Advisory Council (SEPPAC) invite all parents to attend our Resource Fair (Organizations include:  Metro Center for Independent Living (MCIL), Voc/Rehab Services, Special Olympics of Minnesota, Disability Hub, Autism Society of Minnesota, Vitals Technology, Ramsey County Health and Wellness Disability Services, Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota, Northeast Youth and Family Services, Natalis Counseling and Psychology Solutions, RAMS Athletics, Mounds View Public Schools Early Childhood Special Education and Mounds View Public Schools Assistive Technology) on Thursday, February 8, from 6:45 - 8:15 p.m. at Chippewa Middle School Cafeteria (5000 Hodgson Road, North Oaks). 
    daddy daughter dance
    2nd Annual Daddy/Daughter Dance
    The Mounds View Police Department presents their 2nd Annual Daddy/Daughter (Grandpas, Uncles, etc.) Dance on Wednesday, February 28, from 5:00-8:00 p.m. at the Mounds View Community Center. Cost is $25 per couple/$10 each additional child. Tickets are available here. Can't afford tickets, we may be able to help. Contact Pinewood Elementary at 651-621-7500 or Mounds View Police Foundation at moundsviewpolicefoundation@gmail.com

    ski Family Ski Nights

    Family Ski Nights are back at Afton Alps! 

    District families, friends and staff members are invited to join us for another season of Family Ski Nights at Afton Alps. The dates for the remainder of the 2017-18 season are: February 18 and March 4. Take advantage of these special rates on lift tickets and rental.  

    You must register for this event. More information regardng cost/registration can be found here.  

    Community Community Program Offerings
    In addition to the youth programs and enrichment opportunities available through the District's Community Ed Department, a number of activities, camps and youth programs are hosted by area cities, local businesses, community organizations and school PTA groups. Please see offerings available in the district attendance area here. 

     consent Middle School Registration/Consent Form

    Seventh and eighth grade athletes who wish to participate on an Irondale High School sports team will register online. Before you begin your online registration, approval must be obtained from the middle school principal or dean, the high school principal, activities director and coach. In addition, signatures from both student and parent/guardian are also required. Please complete the following consent form and deliver to the high school activities office before you begin the online registration:

    Middle School consent form (required for 7th and 8th grade only).   


    EPAT EPAT Meeting Dates
    Please join us anytime for our EPAT meetings. Meetings begin at 5:30 p.m. and are held in the front office conference room. This year's dates are below: 
    Monday, April 16 (Front Office Conference Room)
    Support Edgewood
    You can support Edgewood by participating in the below fundraisers year-round: 
    FPI Food Taste Testing - Earn some extra $$CASH$$ and sample some really great food. All you have to do is log on and register at www.fpitesters.com.
    Box Tops Box Tops - Please save all of your Box Tops and turn them in at Edgewood. There is a drop box in the front office of the school. This is just another way to earn money for our kids. Please be sure Box Tops are not expired as they will not accept.
    Thank you for your support!

     Show Your School Spirit
    District and school spiritwear is now available online. Edgewood has two sites this year that you can choose from for spiritwear, one through Athletic Outfitters or one through the District. Click here for Edgewood spiritwear through Athletic Outfitters and enter the password edgewoodms. Any questions regarding the online stores can be directed to Renee at renee.gimm@moundsviewschools.org.
    Click here for Edgewood spiritwear through the District. Other
    Mounds View Public Schools spiritwear is available here.    

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