Girls lacrosse is still a developing sport in Minnesota, so some of you may not be familiar with the game, rules, spectators, etc.  Here are a few resources and tips if you are new to girls lacrosse, or just new to Irondale Girls Lacrosse.


    New to Irondale or High School Lacrosse

    Watching the games- Though we do not know how Covid will affect this, we are providing the following guidance.  We will provide more guidance on Covid as it applies to our specators as it become avaliable.

    • Most V/JV and some B squad games are played on turf so you will be sitting on bleachers (not on the chairs you bring and set up next to the field like youth games)
    • Dress warmly and for rain - spring sports outdoors in MN are unpredicatable (umbrellas are fine)
    • Bring a blanket or bleacher seat to sit on - bleachers are often cold and/or wet
    • Some schools have concession stands, some do not
    • Varsity games cost between $6-$7 per person and only take cash (the JV and B games are typically free)
    • You can usually find a group of parents in the stands at every game so come join us  - Everyone is welcome!
    • The etiquette for girls lacrosse spectating is more "dignified" than some other sports - think golf or tennis
      • Negative or aggressive fans/parents can have an impact on the players and refs and could result in consequences for the team

    Transportation to/from the games

    It is REQUIRED that ALL players participating in a game must ride the bus both to and from the game. Players are allowed to ride home with their parents (not a friend) if they provide the coach with a written note signed by the parent. This is a school liability rule and not at the discretion of the coaching staff so please don't request an exemption unless it is an emergency.  If your daughter has an extenuating circumstance and needs to take alternate transportation, please contact her direct coach. 

    Due to Covid, we are looking at getting a seperate bus for each team so that the girls are able to be spaced on the ride.


    Parent Involvement

    • Join the Booster club - help support the team with volunteer time and funds
    • Help with the clock at home games
    • Take pictures at the games


    Apparel Fee

    This information is still being worked out and will be provided shortly...



    Each season there is an opportunity for players to purchase team apparel.  This apparel is entirely OPTIONAL.  We will provide a link to the apparel store as soon as it becomes avalible.




    Team uniforms are provided by the school - they are loaned to the girls for the season and returned at the end of the season.    




    If you have any questions about lacrosse or about Irondale girls lacrosse, please feel free to contact Jodi Gustafson @ jgustafson@csi360.com