School Board meeting summary

    School Board meeting summary, April 10, 2018


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    Disposition of custodian grievance

    A Step 3 grievance was filed by a custodial employee when the grievance was denied at Step 2. The grievance was heard by the School Board grievance committee on March 8, 2018, and recommended that the grievance be denied. At the April 10, Board meeting the School Board denied the grievance. 

    Termination of probationary staff

    Due to decreases/changes in enrollment, elimination of positions, uncertainty of funding, lack of funds, performance or return from leave of senior teachers, the Board voted to terminate 28 probationary teachers.

    Proposed placement of unrequested leave of certified staff

    Due to decreases/changes in enrollment, elimination of positions, uncertainty of funding, lack of funds, requests for voluntary unrequested leave of absence, or return from leave of senior teachers, the Board voted to propose two learning resource teaching staff positions for unrequested leave of absence.

    Summer projects and construction

    John Ward, assistant superintendent of human resources and operations, discussed upcoming summer construction projects. Plans for summer include HVAC improvements at Pike Lake Education Center, Highview parking lot and partial interior work and other scheduled projects. 

    Equity Promise

    The District's Equity Promise serves as a guide for all that work that takes place within Mounds View Public Schools. Angie Peschel, director of curriculum, provided a report of some of the specific services and programs that are in place to ensure that race, class, gender and disability will not predict students' success in Mounds View Public Schools. Components highlighted in the report included family and student support, professional development and partnerships to diversity the teaching staff. 

    Policy review

    The following revised policies were presented for first reading:
    EG-0100 – Mission, Vision and Planning
    EG-0107 – Non-Resident Student Admission
    EG-0108 – Technology Security

    The following revised policies are presented for second reading:
    BG-0105 – School Board Business
    BG-0111 – Agenda Planning
    BG-0201 – Public Participation at School Board Meeting
    BG-0303 – Policy Formation and Adoption
    EG-1102 – Graduation Requirements
    EG-2102 – Program Equity
    The following policies have been reviewed by the Board:
    EG-0001 – Purpose and Goal of Mounds View Public Schools
    EG-0101 – Strategic Planning and Oversight
    EG-0102 – Families in Transition (Homelessness)
    EG-0103 – Transportation
    EG-0104 – School Attendance Areas
    EG-0105 – School Year Calendar

    The Board approved policy EG-0106 – School Start Times to be deleted. The policy called for a determination of rotating school start times every three years. Instead, the School Board can choose to conduct an evaluation of start times at any time as determined necessary. 


    The Board discussed issues and updates related to Northeast Metro 916.

    Thank you

    The Board accepted, with appreciation, gifts from Kowalski’s, Robert W. Baird & Co., Valentine Hills PTO, Karin McEwan, Sandra & Benjamin Feist, Hamline University, April Delcastillo, Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign, Wayne Ye, Becky Orttel, Travelers Employee Giving Campaign, Wei Zheng & Guizhen Zhang, Dali Feng, Cub Foods New Brighton, Carol Ducharme, Thomas & Diane Hinds, Donate Well, Puneet Khera, Wells Fargo Matching Gifts Program, Judy Alcott, Rachel Chung, Angie Peschel, Susan Ellingson, Justine Morris, Sara Aplikowski, Omnitool, David & Cynthia Tidball, Nancy Breyfogle, Steve & Chany Floeder, Randall Czaia, Donna Dixon, and Patrick Foley.

    A look ahead

    April 24, 7 p.m., regular meeting
    May 3, 6 p.m., work session
    May 15, 7 p.m., regular meeting


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