• Purpose and Role of Booster Clubs

    • Mounds View High School appreciates all the support of booster clubs and appreciates the partnerships within the community.  The information below was created to set guidelines for communication between booster clubs and our high school programs.  It is meant to be a tool used to better relationships, clarify procedures and rules, and set the stage for a successful season.  Thank you boosters!
    • A booster club is defined as “an organization that is formed to help support the efforts of a sports team or organization.” Support is shown in many ways, including volunteering time, raising money, and contributing funds for the “enhancements” that help the team.

    Best Practices

    • Volunteer time.
    • Raise money after working with the head coach to determine if the money being raised is deemed appropriate for the team/enhancement in nature.
    • Print promotional items like team schedules, programs, and yearbooks (subject to approval by the head coach and the activities office).
    • Organize team events, such as pre- or post-game dinners or social events during the season.
    • Listen and work closely with the head coach, as the head coach is the director of the sports program.
    • Email the activities office with their president or contact person before each season.
    • Discuss as official business any item that meets the definition or function of a booster club as outlined above.
    • It is not the role of boosters to evaluate coaching staff or critique skills or abilities of student-athletes.


    • Booster clubs wishing to purchase athletic equipment for their teams must go through the head coach and the district athletic department.  When equipment is purchased and donated to a sport team it becomes property of the school district.
    • These fund are donated by the boosters to the athletic department specifying its purpose with the school placing the purchase order for designated items.
    • All equipment should be shipped to the school not a booster clubs home.
    • Please note the school district cannot give out the tax-exempt number. 

    Captains Practices

    • No coaches — paid or volunteer — may organize or supervise captains’ practices
    • Adult supervision is required at captains’ practices, but student participation should never be mandated or required.

    Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) Basics

    • Coaches are allowed to work with their teams only during the designated MSHSL season summer waiver period.
    • No booster club member may recruit or encourage athletes from another school to transfer to Irondale High School.
    • Booster Clubs are prohibited from paying for an athlete’s sport participation fees to attend camp or clinic.


    • All fundraising should be discussed with the head coach and be agreed upon before any fundraising takes place.  Fundraising efforts should be put toward such things as banquets, carbo loads, etc.  These are the “enhancements” to support the team.
    • Parents cannot be required by a booster club to pay a booster club fee.
    • Boosters are not allowed to use the Mounds View School District Tax Identification number.
    • Fundraisers should be approved through the activities office by completing the “Request for Fundraising Activity” form, which is completed by the coach and turned into the athletic office.
    • Be aware membership on a team and/or playing time is not affected in any way by the amount of money raised by any individual or group.


    • Booster Clubs wishing to purchase athletic equipment for their teams must go through the head coach and the activities office. When equipment is purchased and donated to a sports team it becomes property of the school district.
    • After the head coach and the athletic director have approved an equipment request, the booster club may donate the funds to the athletic department, specifying its purpose. The head coach will complete a purchase order and have the activities director approve the purchase. All equipment and supplies must be shipped to a school district address.
    • Booster clubs should not order materials directly or have materials shipped to a home.


    • The head coach is responsible for all facets of the end of season awards and may ask the boosters to assist in this banquet.  There should be no open bar for adults and parents should refrain from using alcohol at banquets. To avoid conflict with our religious community, athletic and other student banquets should not be held on Wednesday evenings or before 12:00 pm on Sundays. 

Booster Clubs