May 11, 2018 



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    "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,
    but anyone can start today and have a new ending." 


    survey Parent Survey
    Dear Parents and Guardians:

    It's difficult to believe that the 2017-18 school year will be coming to a close next month. As we wrap up the school year, we ask that you take a few minutes to respond to Edgewood Middle School's spring survey. The survey will be available for your responses through Friday, May 18, at 8 p.m.
    Your feedback is important to use as we plan for the upcoming school year. Please contact Principal Penny Howard if you have any questions about the survey or would like to talk about your student's experience.
    seussical  Edgewood Drama Update
    The Edgewood Drama Department has chosen Seussical, Jr. for our Fall Musical in November. There will be an informational meeting on Monday, May 21, from 3:00-4:00 p.m. in Room 16 for anyone interested in learning how you can be involved. Music and script packets will be available if you want to practice over the summer. Come and see what fun you can have when you're on the stage!
    cds Donations Needed
    If anyone still has an old pile of CD's they are willing to part with, the "Wildcrafting" STEAM Class is in need of them for fishing reels they are building.
    newspaper The "Trash to Treasure" STEAM Class is in need of old newspapers. Please bring them into Edgewood if you are willing to donate them. We will be using them for a project in our Period 8 STEAM class.
    field trip
    STEAM Field Trips
    Upcoming STEAM field trips include: 
    The "Edgewood Engineers" STEAM class will be traveling to Minneapolis's Stone Arch Bridge on Friday, May 18. During the trip, students will be observing all of the engineering principals that can be seen in Minneapolis, and applying our daily bridge challenge to the real world. Students will be arriving back to Edgewood by the end of the regular school day, so no changes to transportation is needed. 
    The "1000 Paper Cranes" STEAM class is going to Pinewood Elementary on Friday, May 18. The class will be teaching some 3rd grade students how to do origami. Students will be back in time for their normal 2:45 pm bus. 
     The "Big River Journey" STEAM Class will be going to Ryan Park in St. Paul near Lafond Avenue on Friday, May 18. Students will leave at 1:20 p.m. and return back to Edgewood by 4:00 p.m
    The "Robotics" STEAM Class will be going to PAR Industries on Friday, May 18.  Students will leave at 1:20 p.m. and return back to Edgewood by 4:00 p.m
    The "Puppets & You" and "Picture Book Publishing" STEAM Classes will be going to Pinewood Elementary School on Thursday, May 24. Students will leave at 1:15 p.m. and return back to Edgewood by 2:45 p.m.
    The "Shark Tank" STEAM Class will be taking a field trip to Lilli Putt on Thursday, May 24. Students will leave at 1:15 p.m. and return back to Edgewood by 4:00 p.m.
    These field trips are FREE for all students as part of our STEAM program.
    Music, Adventures, and Careers Class Field Trip

    The Music, Adventures, and Careers class is currently studying different performing venues around the Twin Cities and will be traveling to the Varsity Theater in Dinkytown in Minneapolis on Thursday, May 17. Students will leave at around 1:15 p.m. and will return a little after 3:00 p.m. Since students will be missing the regular bus time, students are able to stay after school with Ms. Cummings or go to another activity until 4:00 p.m. when the activity buses arrive. 

    Chaperones are also appreciated so if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Cummings at elizabeth.cummings@moundsviewschools.org


    Grade Level Celebration Day

    It is time to celebrate! On Wednesday, June 6, all Edgewood students and staff will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities aimed at celebrating the achievements, friendships and connections made this school year. Each grade level will spend the day with their teachers and classmates immersed in fun and memorable activities. THANK YOU TO EPAT for your contribution to the fun day we have planned! Below are the schedules for all the grade level celebrations. Please note that with the 7th grade schedule ONLY, there is a permission form for the movie selection

    6th Grade Celebration Schedule 

    7th Grade Celebration Schedule and Permission Form - Please return permission form to your first period teacher by Tuesday, May 22.

    8th Grade Celebration Schedule


    testing MAP Testing
    Our last MAP testing dates are the week of Monday, May 14 - Friday, May 18. During this week, please make sure that your student gets plenty of sleep and gets a nutritious breakfast to start their day. Thank you for your support. 
    May/June's lunch menu can be found here.


    music Upcoming Music Concerts
    Mark your calendars for Edgewood's upcoming music concerts. Come and enjoy the many talents of our students. Dates and times are listed below:
    May 15 @ 7:00 p.m. - 7th & 8th Grade Jazz Band Concert at Edgewood
    May 17 @ 7:00 p.m. - EW 6th/PW/SSBand Concert at Edgewood
    May 24 @ 7:30 p.m. - Orchestra Concert at Bethel
    May 29 @ 6:00 p m. - 6th Grade Choir & Girls Ensemble; 7:15 p.m. - 7th Grade Choir, 8th Grade Choir and Girls Ensemble (again). Choir information for the 6th grade concert can be found here. Information for the 7th/8th grade concert can be found here
    Once again, Culvers Custard will be available for sale in the cafeteria after the Band and Choir concerts to help benefit Ralph Reeder's Snack Pack Program at Edgewood.  
     plant trees Edgewood Arbor Event
    Edgewood will be celebrating Arbor Month on Thursday, May 24, along with 5th graders from Sunnyside and Pinewood!
    During this event, 5th grade students will be participating in a variety of activities including studying pond samples, and planting over 200 trees. Edgewood is partnering with the Minnesota DNR to provide this opportunity for students. This event will be a fun and educational experience for students and will contribute to the overall health of our school forest ecosystem!

    class trip 8th Grade Class Field Trip

    The 8th Grade Class will be taking a field trip to the University of St. Thomas and the Science Museum on Wednesday, May 30. Students will leave Edgewood around 9:00 a.m. and return in time for dismissal. There is NO COST to students for this trip. Eighth grade parent chaperones are needed for this fun outing to run smoothly. If you can help out, please contact Shannon at shannon.mildenberger@moundsviewschools.org. Watch for more information via e-mail from eighth grade staff. 



    steam STEAM Showcase

    Our STEAM Showcase will take place on Friday, June 1, from 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. The community is welcome to come at that time to check out the students' amazing creations from this semester's STEAM classes. Guest judges will be needed during the STEAM class from 1:30-2:30. If you are interested in helping to "judge" the projects, please contact Ms. LaPanta at darcy.lapanta@moundsviewschools.org.


    Yearbook Yearbook Information

    A limited supply of yearbooks will be available for sale at $20 each on Celebration Day, on Wednesday, June 6. Eighth graders will have first dibs, then seventh graders and, lastly, sixth graders. Please be sure to bring your money on Celebration Day if you want a yearbook!

    schedule change  Plan Ahead for Next Year's Schedule

    In spring 2017, the School Board approved start time changes that go into effect for all schools starting this fall. Edgewood's new schdedule can be found here.

    To download a 2018-19 daily schedule for any school, visit www.moundsviewschools.org/starttimes. 

    before after school Before and After-School Programs
    Information regarding available activities can be found here.
    Activity buses will be available Monday-Friday to all students staying after school. Students not in a program or assigned with a teacher are not eligible for activity bus transportation.
    Edgwood also offers many Community Ed sports opportunities throughout the year. Find out more in the AFTER-SCHOOL SPORTS section below. 
    LEO Club Meeting
    The last LEO Club meeting of the school year will be on Tuesday, May 29, in Room 116. Our last project will be to revitalize the garden in the front of the school.  Pizza and beverages will be provided. See you there!
    After-School Sports
    spring sports Co-Ed Flag Football, Tennis, Track and Quidditch are now in session and the schedules can be found below. Transportation will be provided to and from the sporting events.
     Co-Ed Flag Football Schedule
    Tennis Schedule
    Track Schedule
     Watch here for Fall offerings. Fall registration will be available by Monday, July 23. Questions, call the Community Ed office at 651-621-6020
    Week of May 14, 2018

    MONDAY, May 14 (B Day)

    • F.A.N. Club – Cafeteria/Gym  7:00-7:55
    • Breakfast Served – Cafeteria  7:30–7:55
    • After School Snack – Cafeteria  2:45-3:00
    • Boys Tennis Practice - Tennis Court  3:00-4:00
    • Computer Club – LMC  3:00-4:00  (Must Sign Up)
    • Flag Football Practice - Lower Lot  3:00-4:00
    • Homework Help Center – Room 12  3:00-4:00  (Must Sign Up)
    • Quiz Bowl - Room 16  3:00-4:00
    • Reading Zone – Room 114  3:00-4:00
    • Science Zone - Room 110/112  3:00-4:00  (8th Grade in 110, 6th Grade in 112 ONLY - Must Sign Up)
    • STRIPES - Room 5  3:00-4:00
    • Teen Leaders Club @ MVCC  3:00-4:30  (Take Bus #47)
    • Track Practice - Track Field  3:00-4:00

    TUESDAY, May 15 (A Day)

    • Chess Club - Cafeteria  7:00-7:45
    • F.A.N. Club – Cafeteria/Gym  7:00-7:55
    • Breakfast Served – Cafeteria  7:30–7:55
    • After School Snack – Cafeteria  2:45-3:00
    • Computer Club – LMC  3:00-4:00  (Must Sign Up)
    • Girls Ensemble - Choir Room  3:00-4:00
    • Girls Tennis Practice - Tennis Court  3:00-4:00
    • Quidditch - Outside LL Door 17  3:00-4:00
    • Reading Zone – Room 114  3:00-4:00
    • Robotics Club/Team - Room 40  3:00-4:00
    • Science Zone - Room 3/110  3:00-4:00  (7th Grade in 3, 6/8th Grade in 110 - Must Sign Up)
    • Social Studies Zone - Room 18  3:00-4:00  (Must Sign Up)
    • Teen Leaders Club @ MVCC  3:00-4:30  (Take Bus #47)
    • Track Practice - Track Field  3:00-4:00

    WEDNESDAY, May 16 (A Day)   

    • F.A.N. Club – Cafeteria/Gym  7:00-7:55
    • Jazz Band - Band Room  7:00-7:55
    • Breakfast Served – Cafeteria  7:30–7:55
    • After School Snack – Cafeteria  2:45-3:00
    • Amazon Club - Room 3  3:00-4:00  (Must Sign Up)
    • Boys Tennis Practice - Tennis Court  3:00-4:00
    • Computer Club – LMC  3:00-4:00  (Must Sign Up)
    • Culture Crew - Room 234  3:00-4:00
    • Drawing Club - Room 4  3:00-4:00
    • Flag Football Practice - Lower Lot  3:00-4:00
    • Quiz Bowl - Room 16  3:00-4:00
    • Reading Zone – Room 114  3:00-4:00
    • Science Zone - Room 10/112  3:00-4:00  (8th Grade in 10, 6th Grade in 112 ONLY - Must Sign Up)
    • STRIPES - Room 5  3:00-4:00
    • Swim Club - Pool Room  3:00-4:00
    • Teen Leaders Club @ MVCC  3:00-4:30  (Take Bus #47)
    • Track Practice - Track Field  3:00-4:00

    THURSDAY, May 17 (Odd Block B Day)

    • F.A.N. Club – Cafeteria/Gym  7:00-7:55
    • Breakfast Served – Cafeteria  7:30–7:55
    • Girls Ensemble - Choir Room  7:15-7:45 a.m.
    • After School Snack – Cafeteria  2:45-3:00
    • Chamber Orchestra - Orchestra Room  3:00-4:00
    • Computer Club – LMC  3:00-4:00  (Must Sign Up)
    • Girls Tennis Practice - Tennis Court  3:00-4:00
    • Reading Zone – Room 114  3:00-4:00
    • Robotics Club/Team - Room 40  3:00-4:00
    • Science Zone - Room 10  3:00-4:00  (7th Grade ONLY - Must Sign Up)
    • Social Studies Zone - Room 18  3:00-4:00
    • Teen Leaders Club @ MVCC  3:00-4:30  (Take Bus #47)
    • Track Practice - Track Field  3:00-4:00

    FRIDAY, May 18 (Even Block A Day)

    • F.A.N. Club – Cafeteria/Gym  7:00-7:55
    • Jazz Band - Band Room  7:00-7:55
    • Breakfast Served – Cafeteria  7:30–7:55
    • After School Snack – Cafeteria  2:45-3:00
    • Computer Club – LMC  3:00-4:00  (Must Sign Up)
    • GSA Club - Room 16  3:00-4:00
    • Open Gym @ MVCC  3:00-4:00  (Take Bus #89)
    • Science Zone - Room 5  3:00-4:00  (Must Sign Up)
     *Activities are subject to change, please listen for daily announcements.    

    Community Program Offerings
    In addition to the youth programs and enrichment opportunities available through the District's Community Ed Department, a number of activities, camps and youth programs are hosted by area cities, local businesses, community organizations and school PTA groups. Please
    see offerings available in the district attendance area here. 
    comm ed Community Ed Summer Camps
    Summer is coming! Don't forget to register your student for Community Education Summer Camps. Register by May 15 and SAVE $10 on each camp. We're offering many new art/science/new experience and athletic camps for students entering grades 1 - 12 in Fall 2018. We welcome students from other districts to sign up for our camps as well. Don't let your child miss out on some great and memorable summer fun! To view all camps, descriptions and to register, visit the Youth Programs/Summer Camp webpage at: www.moundsviewschools.org/youthprograms.  




    girls golf Girls Golf Results

    Irondale was defeated by Chisago Lakes at Chisago Lakes Golf Course, 220-215.  The Knights Varsity was lead by Edgewood Middle School Student, Haley Blasiak (49), Varsity Medalist. Congratulations Haley!




    girls fitness Girls Fitness Club

    Calling all girls entering grades 8 - 12 in the Fall 2018. Join the Girls Fitness Club this summer. We will spend the first hour doing a combination of cardiovascular exercises, strength training and yoga. The last half hour will be spent either discussing a health related topic or cooking together. We will cook a healthy meal together once a week! The topics we will discuss includes hydration, stretching, nutrition, sleep, stress, and more! We will meet for six (6) weeks, three (3) times a week and will only cost you $100.00! Contact Lisa Schmidt: Lisa.schmidt@moundsviewschools.org for more details and to register



    KnightKrawler Robotics at State Champs

    kk Irondale's KnightKrawler Robotics will be competing at the MSHSL State Championship on Saturday, May 19, at Mariucci Arena on the U of MN Twin Cities campus. The event is FREE. A schedule can be found here. 



     consent Middle School Registration/Consent Form

    Seventh and eighth grade athletes who wish to participate on an Irondale High School sports team will register online. Before you begin your online registration, approval must be obtained from the middle school principal or dean, the high school principal, activities director and coach. In addition, signatures from both student and parent/guardian are also required. Please complete the following consent form and deliver to the high school activities office before you begin the online registration:

    Middle School consent form (required for 7th and 8th grade only).     

    Support Edgewood
    You can support Edgewood by participating in the below fundraisers year-round: 
    FPI Food Taste Testing - Earn some extra $$CASH$$ and sample some really great food. All you have to do is log on and register at www.fpitesters.com.
    Box Tops Box Tops - Please save all of your Box Tops and turn them in at Edgewood. There is a drop box in the front office of the school. This is just another way to earn money for our kids. Please be sure Box Tops are not expired as they will not accept.
    Thank you for your support!

     Show Your School Spirit
    District and school spiritwear is now available online. Edgewood has two sites this year that you can choose from for spiritwear, one through Athletic Outfitters or one through the District. Click here for Edgewood spiritwear through Athletic Outfitters and enter the password edgewoodms. Any questions regarding the online stores can be directed to Renee at renee.gimm@moundsviewschools.org.
    Click here for Edgewood spiritwear through the District. Other
    Mounds View Public Schools spiritwear is available here.    

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