• 2019 Summer Running!

    Starting Monday, June 10, the cross-country teams will be meeting Monday – Friday at 8:00 am for summer running. You will need to park on Poppyseed Drive and walk over to the track entrance. We are NOT ALLOWED in the garage or the building during contruction. 

    Summer running is primarily captain led - runners should meet by the track.  Remember to bring a water bottle and snack to hydrate and get some calories after the run.

    Use this opportunity to put in those base miles before the season begins or to try out the sport if you are unsure whether running is for you.  There will be all ability and experience levels attending.


    Some suggestions for a successful summer of running!

    1. Fill out the Running Profile. Talk to Coach Shaw/Coach Blaske/Coach Muirhead about goals for the summer. 
    2. Pick a summer mileage goal – make sure you pick a goal you think you can meet – if you have questions about what goal to pick – email Coach Shaw (diane.shaw@moundsviewschools.org)

    3. Try to run 5 days a week

    4. Keep track of your milage using the following SUMMER RUNNING MILEAGE TRACKING

    5. Try to make as many team practices as you can!  If you can’t make a team practice – get out and run on your own!