• 2021 Summer Running!


    Summer Knights Run Club


    When: STARTS Monday June 21st!!! Monday - Friday 8:00 am


    Where: Irondale High School Stadium, Meet in the North Lot by the Tennis Courts


    Who: Any one who wants to stay in shape, get prepared for their upcoming fall season, or enjoys running. You do not need to be a Cross Country runner to participate in the Run Club


    What: The goal of the summer run club is to build a base for your upcoming fall season. This includes running quality miles, working on our strength, mobility, balance, and endurance, and starting to think about and setting goals. It is important to stay consistent throughout the summer, but more important to take rest days when needed. 


    Information for Summer Running can also be found in the Irondale Girls Cross Country Google Classroom - Class Code: nfjgj3o




    Additional Information:

    Earn some Knights Run Club Gear! Track your mileage on Strava throughout the summer to earn stickers, shirts, water bottles, etc. 

    Cross Country Runners

    • 150 miles - If you are brand new to running you should try your best to reach the 150+ miles. 
    • 200-250 miles - If you are a returning runner that ran mostly JV races, shoot for 200-250+ miles. 
    • 300+ miles - If you are a returning runner that ran mostly varsity races you should be shooting for 300+ miles. 

    Knight Run Club

    • 100 Miles = Knights Run Club Sticker
    • 150 Miles = TBD
    • 200 Miles = TBD
    • 250 Miles = TBD
    • 300 Miles = TBD


    (Gear will include Stickers, T-Shirts, Water Bottles, Sweatshirts, etc)


    STRAVA - Please download the app on your phone or sign up on the computer. You DO NOT need to purchase a subscription to join, the free version is what we will be using. Once you have signed up, please let me know by either emailing (diane.shaw@moundsviewschools.org) or texting (612-695-2117) me and I will send you an invite to join the Knights Run Club


    Summer Run Club Key Points:

    • Find the joy in running! What gets you out the door?
    • Most runners take Sunday off, and it is fundamentally sound in a training sense to always plan one day per week of total rest (if it is not Sunday)
    • Follow the training plan as best you can, but don’t get stressed if you get off (it is designed for flexibility)
    • Consistency is key, but if you do miss a week or two, start on the week you left off on, do not try to pick up from the current date
    • Only increase your mileage each week by 10-15%
    • There will be days you may need to cross train instead of run due to aches and pains. Use the following as a guideline - Every 10 minutes running = 1 mile of Cross Training 
    • Before you run you should do Lunge Matrix or a Dynamic Warm Up 
    • After you run you should do some shut down stretching, strength exercises, mobility work, etc (find them in Google Classroom)
    • Stay in touch with captains, coaches, teammates and ask questions...there are NO dumb questions
    • Please follow our Running Safety suggestions (disregard the group running suggestions)
    • If you are feeling an ache or pain, please communicate with a coach!!!
    • Set a goal for yourself (communicate it with others)