School Therapists

  • Mental health therapy is available for students at the following organizations (*In an emergency dial 911):

  • To make an appointment with your dean, please click the "Teacher Website" link below.

Student Services

Jon Thomson
Jon Thomson
Dean, Students A-Ce

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Renee Markas
Renee Markas
Dean, Students Ch-Ga

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Carrie Cooley
Carrie Cooley
Dean, Students Ge-J

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Jeoffrey Reed
Jeoffrey Reed
Dean, Students K-Me

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Heather Hertel
Heather Hertel
Dean, Students Mi-Pen

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Jaclyn Larson
Jaclyn Larson
Dean, Students Per-St

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Mary Ellen Baisley
Mary Ellen Baisley
Dean, Students Su-Z

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Jeff Martenson
Jeff Martenson
Dean, Support Services

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Hannah Zurn
Hannah Zurn
TOSA, Support Services

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Michael Werner
Michael Werner
Dean, Post-Secondary Planning Coordinator

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Shay Jackman
Shay Jackman
Licensed School Nurse (Irondale, Bridges)

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Chelsey Peterson
Chelsey Peterson
Licensed Healthcare Specialist

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Debra Bjork
Debra Bjork
School Psychologist

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Colleen O'Neil
Colleen O'Neil
Chemical Health Prevention Specialist

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Ken Robinson
Ken Robinson
School Linked Mental Health Therapist

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Amber Poturica
Amber Poturica
Administrative Assistant

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Christine Morrison
Christine Morrison
Administrative Assistant, Registrar

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Tami Ryther
Tami Ryther
Administrative Assistant, Testing Coordinator

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Christina Beimert
Christina Beimert

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Fritz Rock
Fritz Rock
Career & College Coordinator

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Trent Davis
Trent Davis
Intervention Specialist

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James Manuel
James Manuel
Intervention Specialist

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Kevin Gahona
Kevin Gahona
Equity Specialist

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