School Therapists

  • Mental health therapy is available for students at the following organizations (*In an emergency dial 911):

  • To make an appointment with your dean, please click the "Teacher Website" link below.

Student Services

Jon Thomson
Jon Thomson
Dean, Students A-Ce

Renee Markas
Renee Markas
Dean, Students Ch-Ga

Carrie Cooley
Carrie Cooley
Dean, Students Ge-J

Jeoffrey Reed
Jeoffrey Reed
Dean, Students K-Me

Heather Hertel
Heather Hertel
Dean, Students Mi-Pen

Karen Johnson
Karen Johnson
Dean, Students Mi-Pen, LTS (Hertel)

Dean, Students Per-St

Mary Ellen Baisley
Mary Ellen Baisley
Dean, Students Su-Z

Jeff Martenson
Jeff Martenson
Dean, Support Services

Hannah Zurn
Hannah Zurn
TOSA, Support Services

Michael Werner
Michael Werner
Dean, Post-Secondary Planning Coordinator

Shay Jackman
Shay Jackman
Licensed School Nurse (Irondale, Bridges)

Chelsey Peterson
Chelsey Peterson
Licensed Healthcare Specialist

Debra Bjork
Debra Bjork
School Psychologist

Ken Robinson
Ken Robinson
School Linked Mental Health Therapist

Amber Poturica
Amber Poturica
Administrative Assistant

Christine Morrison
Christine Morrison
Administrative Assistant, Registrar

Tami Ryther
Tami Ryther
Administrative Assistant, Testing Coordinator

Christina Beimert
Christina Beimert

Fritz Rock
Fritz Rock
Career & College Specialist

Trent Davis
Trent Davis
Intervention Specialist

James Manuel
James Manuel
Intervention Specialist

Danilo Castillo Mac Carthy
Danilo Castillo Mac Carthy
Equity Specialist