• Captain Responsibilities:

    To be a successful Nordic captain requires a love of skiing, hard work, patience, interpersonal skills and a desire to help the team be successful.


    Captain’s Duties:

    1. Be a possitive role model in all aspects of your Life!

    2. Encourage your teammates to reach their potential- encourage them to do their best every practice, work hard during core and strength sessions - listen during team meetings!

    3. Take responsibility for team warm-up and cool down at races!

    4. Must be willing to help coordinate summer workouts.  Commit to help lead summer workouts for the 9 weeks of summer before the start of fall sports!

    5. Work with coaches to recruit more skiers to join Nordic!

    6. Communicate with coaches any issues, concerns or problems.

    7. Help younger skiers work on technique and feel part of the team.

    8. Assist coaches with regard to daily attendance - being a role model of attending practice Monday-Saturday (Help lead Saturday practice)!

    9. Assist coaches with gear to and from meets (tent, tarps, rollers)

    10. Supervise the clean up of team camp after each meet!

    11. Help plan "Carblo Loads" before meets!

    12. All captains and parents of captains are expected to help with end of season banquet.

    13. Work with team members and parents to provide treats for each meet.

    14. Coordinate team apparel order at the beginning of season.



    At the end of the season, the team will vote on captains for the next year.

    Skiers that are interested in being a Captain for the next season should fill out the following form:


    Nordic Captain Contract