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Trustee Profile - Kirsten Dawson

  • Kirsten Dawson doesn’t like to be idle. “I live to work,” she said in a phone interview she gave during her morning walk.  This statement is evidenced by the multiple retirements she has had. Her first retirement was from Mounds View Public School after 35 years of teaching and counseling. She is an alum, along with her husband and two sons, so her connection to Mounds View runs long and deep.

    Kirsten taught English and speech at Mounds View, and it was during this time that a second career was developing.  After attending an immersion workshop week at Hazelden she was inspired to to attend the University of Minnesota to become a chemical dependency counselor. Her experience as a teacher and counselor at Mounds View led to 12 more years of counseling at private schools.

    Kirsten Dawson There are many ways Kirsten’s influence has impacted the school community beyond her teaching and counseling. She is an enduring supporter of music District-wide. She stays personally engaged in one program that Mounds View graduates continue to enjoy. “We had some all-school reunions. At one of those, I asked the committee about having an alumni choir. Past students responded enthusiastically, and we had over 100 people singing that day.” Years later, the choir continues to meet monthly to sing for their beloved former choir director at a senior care home. Kirsten reflects, “the choir has reconnected me with many alumni over the years.”

    Countless organizations have benefited from Kirsten’s penchant for work, including the Grantsburg Hospital Foundation Board  -- located near Kirsten’s family cabin. She is in the final year of her second three-year term with the MVSEF board. True to her nature, she has continued to work to support the value of a healthy mind and has brought her candor and wisdom to the people she touches.

    FIVE QUESTIONS with Kirsten Dawson

    What is your favorite reading material?

    I love to read, especially historical fiction, memoir, and novels. World War II, health and fitness, and family are favorite subjects.

    What type of music (or song) do you like?

    I like almost every type of music, especially ragtime, blues, and soul. One of my sons composes, and I love his songs.

    What is your favorite game?

    My favorite game is Scrabble...close second is Cribbage.

    What are you doing when you’re relaxing?

    When I'm relaxing I'm at my cabin playing Scrabble or reading. In addition I walk 3-4 miles daily.

    What is a wish you have for Mounds View Pubic Schools?

    My wish for the Mounds View Public Schools is to maintain its high standard of academic excellence, to continue to be innovative, and to strengthen the personal counseling at all levels.

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    Secretary - Kirsten Dawson


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