Mission & Beliefs

  • Our Mission

    Mounds View Public Schools will educate learners through a broad range of programs that set high expectations and inspire outstanding achievement. 

    Our Vision

    Mounds View Public Schools is a District committed to and focused on high student achievement through a comprehensive approach that integrates the key components of learning: 

    • Healthy learning climate
    • Shared leadership and accountability
    • Essential curriculum, delivered through the use of instructional technology/effective instruction, delivered with a personalized approach
    • Meaningful family and community partnerships
    • Financial oversight and stewardship of resources
    • Continuous improvement

    Our Values

    VH Library

    1. We believe curriculum outcomes and instructional strategies must offer opportunities for successful learning and high student achievement.
    2. We believe we must frequently assess and evaluate student performance and program effectiveness in order to assure continuous growth.
    3. We believe a respectful, secure, and motivating environment promotes successful learning.
    4. We believe parents and the community deserve frequent, consistent, and open communications with Mounds View Public Schools.
    5. We believe community-wide awareness and support of our schools will lead to a stronger advocacy of educational goals.
    6. We believe teacher leadership and professional development are essential to continuous improvement of the instructional program.
    7. We believe teamwork with parents, teachers and the community, a shared decision-making process, and collaborative leadership are essential for school improvement and for students to achieve at high levels.
    8. We believe diversity strengthens Mounds View Public Schools, and we are committed to deepening our understanding of racial and socioeconomic factors in academic performance and discovering new strategies for closing all achievement gaps.
    9. We believe students deserve highly skilled, well-trained and dedicated teachers.
    10. We believe all staff members must be responsible for their individual development and contribute to the overall development of Mounds View Public Schools.
    11. We believe through personalized learning opportunities all students share a responsibility for their learning.
    12. We believe that students who feel a sense of belonging or connectedness to their school are more likely to experience success inside and outside the classroom.