• 4 Ways to Earn College Credit

  • After High School - Option 1

    St. Paul College - Business Management Transfer Pathway

    Some of the courses in our business and marketing department lead to the associate's degree transfer Pathway with Saint Paul College. Click here for more information.


  • After High School Option 2

    Articulated College Credit (ACC)

    -Earn Technical or Community college credits (Articulated College Credit) in 10, 11, 12 grades

    -9th Graders can earn credit for successfully completing Word Processing for College

    -Stay in your own high school with your friends and the teachers you already know

    -Explore career opportunities through high school courses

    -Complete your college program sooner, save time and money

    -Choose a specific Technical or Community College career program or a major that may lead to transfer options to a university

    -Visit CTE Credit MN to learn more

    -Choose Schools/Courses Link

    -Select Mounds View High School

    -Articulation Process Overview and Student Website Instructions

    -What do I do with the certificate?

    -Keep the Articulated College Credit certificate(s) in a safe place

    -Bring the certificate to one of the colleges listed and enroll in a career program/major

    -Check with the college registrar as they may have a procedure to follow