• Advanced Marketing


    Course Description and Important Information

    Dig deeper and take your business and marketing expertise to the next level. This course builds on the concepts from Introduction to Marketing. Leadership, public relations, and community building are key areas of focus in this creative, student-driven, collaborative class. Competitive events and guest speakers supplement the curriculum to make learning authentic. Students are promoted to management positions in the MV DECA School Store and demonstrate their skills by making and implementing critical marketing decisions (e.g., product mix, pricing strategies, promotion, and store merchandising campaigns) to grow a successful and profitable business. Students will be expected to work the school store 30 shifts a year to apply and demonstrate one's learning of customer service skills, running a small business, and the eight steps of the sales process. This is part of one’s final grade as it applies the concepts from class in a real-world setting.

    Highlights: competition, industry speakers, 2 marketing agency tours, base camp teambuilding ropes course, mock interviews, run own business, community building activities