Days not in session

  • When school is not in session, days are used for District-wide planning efforts as well as site-specific planning. As a result, variations in the use of these days will occur from site to site.

    Instructional Delivery and Assessment

    Teachers spend time working in teams to review student progress and needs, and to refine instructional plans.

    Planning, Evaluation, Reporting and Grading

    This time is devoted to documenting student progress and performance, updating student academic records, and completing all reports to be shared with students and parents.

    Curriculum Day

    Teachers collaborate to update and improve the curriculum—checking alignment with state standards, K-12 coherence, and District-wide consistency. Teams also review resources used for teaching and learning and participate in professional development activities focused on effective implementation of the curriculum.

    Assessment Reporting

    This time is provided in the form of office hours or scheduled conference appointments, or other means for parents and teachers to discuss student progress and assessment results.

    Off calendar/teacher workday

    The scheduling of an off-calendar day is flexible. Teachers use the time for professional development and activities related to improvement of the instructional program including curriculum development and instructional planning to address the needs of students.