• Bandana Project


    We at Mounds View High School care about one another's well-being and are committed to maintaining a safe and caring community. It’s important for us to watch out for one another. The Bandana Project is one of the ways that we are doing just that. The Bandana Project is a peer-to-peer suicide prevention intiative designed to show students that they are never alone. 

    Students who choose to be a part of the Bandana Project will: 

    • Receive annual training on how to listen and get help for someone who has confided in them about a mental health crisis 
    • Access resources that they can share with others 
    • Identify school and local support professionals who can help 
    • Contribute to a safe and supportive culture 
    • Make a difference in our community 

    After training, student-allies tie green bandanas to their backpacks and carry resource cards to share with peers who connect with them. It’s important to note that the Bandana Project​is not peer-to-peer counseling, but consists of student-allies who serve as a listening ear. It’s critical that we never keep a secret as serious as someone considering suicide. And we know that there is help available for anyone who is at risk.

    We are proud of 2013 MV alum, Taylor Iwaszko, who co-founded the Bandana Project at UW-Madison. The Bandana Project has spread to other colleges, universities, and high schools across the country. 

    Thank you for your support!
    Student Advisers: Claire Anderson, Allison Brodin, Ella Hammerbeck, Macy Hanks, Jude Houle, Quintan Lynne, Grant Peltier, Alissa Zhao
    Staff Adviser: Mr. Nowak

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