• Chromebooks will be distributed to all students in grades one through 12 over the next week.

    • High school and middle school students will follow a pick-up schedule as identified by each building.
    • Elementary students (grades one through five) will pick up devices when they pick up other school supplies and tools next week. 

    Watch for information from each building for pick-up dates, times and instructions.

Technology FAQs and information

  • How to use a Chromebook

    What is a Chromebook?
    A Chromebook is an internet only device that runs on the Google Chrome operating system. The Chrome operating system is designed to work in the cloud, so that means everything lives online (not on your laptop) and is the same wherever you sign in. See Google’s "Guardian Guide to Chromebooks" for additional information.  

    How can I get technical support?
    Please see the technical support email addresses and phone number at the bottom of this page. 

    Wireless connection
    Chromebooks can be connected to your wireless router at home. Should you need internet access at home, there are some low-cost options (see below) or contact your child’s dean. When accessing the Internet from home using the Chromebook, it will be filtered for inappropriate content.

    Student login credentials
    Students in grades 3 through 12 should know their Google login and password. If there are questions about this, please contact your building’s technical support personnel (see below) for assistance. Students in grades 1 and 2 should receive in their packets a Clever Badge which will automatically log them into the device and other Google tools.  

    Expectations for use
    Student devices checked out to students are like textbooks, a tool for learning. As such, devices are to be used for educational purposes. Devices allow students to access tools and resources not found in traditional offline educational materials. Having access to a device expands the opportunity for students to use those educational tools and resources anytime, anywhere.

    The device and power supply are the property of Mounds View Public Schools. Take care of these items so they continue to work well. Report any damage or other issues to the support person listed below as soon as possible.  

    When a student logs into a Chromebook using their Mounds View Schools Google credentials, their internet session will be filtered using a tool called Securly. 

    Google Meet
    Students may need to participate in Google Meetings with their teachers.  Please note that the video portion of a Google Meet can be turned off so that no other users in the meeting can see your child (and whatever is in the background at the child’s home). 

    Digital Citizenship
    Students are to be reminded that all Google Meets may (and most likely will) be recorded and all Google chats will be saved digitally. Please be sure to use appropriate digital citizenship strategies when communicating with other students and teachers.

    Cleaning a Chromebook
    As with any electronic device, do not spray a cleaner directly on the device. Spray an electronics-approved cleaner directly on the cloth and then wipe down the device.  

    Caring for a Chromebook
    Chromebooks, like all electronic devices, are fragile. Screens can shatter and other damage can occur if not handled properly. Be attentive when young children are using a device so that it is not dropped or otherwise compromised.

    Can’t we just use our own device?
    There are a variety of reasons why we believe it is in our student’s best interest to use a school-owned device including our ability to push out apps and other instructional tools, but most importantly we have all school-owned devices set up for filtering based on federal guidelines. That said, we realize this may not always be possible. In order to receive and participate in distance learning students will need access to a device that meets the following criteria:

    • Wifi capable
    • Minimum screen size of approximately 10”.
    • Access to a regular-sized keyboard
    • Ability to run Google Chrome web-browser (or Chrome OS) to complete assignments and other classroom activities using Google Apps for Education
    • Ability to use other web-based tools.
    • Because of these guidelines, we do not recommend relying on an iPad of any size for distance learning for students in grades three through 12.

    Trouble-shooting options:

    • Close all your apps and browser windows
    • If a specific tab in your browser causes your Chromebook to crash or freeze, refresh the page: Ctrl + Shift + r
    • Turn off your Chromebook, then turn it back on (hold the power button for 20 seconds)

Internet access

  • For low-cost internet options, click here. If these offers do not work for your family and you still need access, please contact your child’s building (dean, associate principal, etc.)

Technical support