Request Research Information

  • District approval to conduct research at Mounds View Public Schools is managed and granted through the office of Assessment and Evaluation.  

    We support giving reasonable access to individuals, institutions and organizations to conduct approved research projects in Mounds View Public Schools, while protecting and contributing to the district’s primary responsibility of providing a premier education for all.   We prioritize the privacy of all student data and the interests of students, staff and families when evaluating any proposal.

    Who may conduct research? 

    We encourage Mounds View employees seeking higher degrees to improve their practice to conduct research in the District toward the completion of thesis, dissertations and capstones. Students, professors and researchers from institutions of higher education seeking to conduct research on the effects of solid pedagogical methods may also apply for research approval. Outside organizations and institutions performing research on educational methods and policy can also apply, though it must be noted that Mounds View Schools does not engage in market research for commercial interests.

    What is the role of the Office of Assessment and Evaluation in this process?

    All research involving Mounds View students, staff or schools must be approved by the office of Assessment and Evaluation. We work to ensure that research projects provide benefit to Mounds View Public Schools, that research methods employed are sound and feasible, and that data collected by the researcher or provided by the district are handled appropriately to protect student privacy per Mounds View Public Schools policy and government regulations.  The approval of relevant school principals and/or district administrators is also required before any research can begin.

    How are applications evaluated?

    Once we have documentation related to the research request, proposals are brought to the Mounds View Instructional Cabinet monthly meeting. The Instructional Cabinet consults with Assessment and Evaluation staff, District content experts and other administrators, as needed, to evaluate all research proposals and verify the viability of participation in the research study.

    How do I apply?

    Submit the following documentation to Mary Stobb, Assistant Director of Assessment and Evaluation:

    1. A copy of the Institutional Review Board Paperwork
    2. Description of how participants (ie. schools, student, &/or staff) will be selected and what their participation involves
    3. A copy of the consent form to be used (ie. staff, student, and/or family)
    4. Access to supporting documents: Survey Questions, Interview Questions, Observation Protocols, etc
    5. General timeline for the activities related to the study
    6. End of project activities (i.e. How will you share your research results with the Mounds View Public Schools)

    Contact Mary Stobb, in the Office of Assessment and Evaluation, through mail, email, phone, or personal appointment:

    Mounds View ISD 621
    4570 Victoria Street North
    Shoreview, MN  55126
    Phone:  651-621-6042
    Cell Phone: 651-769-5267
    FAX:  651-621-6026