Equity Specialists

  • Partnering with secondary school administration, equity specialists work to develop a positive building climate and promote educational equity, achievement and post-secondary readiness for each student. This work often includes providing academic support, cultural mentoring, conflict resolution counseling and bridging access gaps to academic, social and emotional growth opportunities.

District Equity Coordinator

Jason Knighton-Johnson
Jason Knighton-Johnson
District Equity Coordinator

Irondale Equity Specialists

Danilo Castillo Mac Carthy
Danilo Castillo Mac Carthy
Equity Specialist

Mulki Nur
Mulki Nur
Equity Specialist

Mounds View Equity Specialists

Joel Brown
Joel Brown
Equity Specialist
Heather Ward
Heather Ward
Equity Specialist

Chippewa Equity Specialist

Eric Iverson
Eric Iverson
Equity Specialist

Edgewood Equity Specialist

Chinedum Oji
Chinedum Oji
Equity Specialist

Highview Equity Specialist

Sam Carew
Sam Carew
Equity Specialist