• Welcome to Expressions First Semester 2022. Please join Google Classroom as that is the place for all daily assignments/videos.

    This class is all about public speaking. The initial plan is to complete the following assignments/projects: Movie Review, Debate, Informative Speech, and Drama. I can't guarantee that we will be able to get through all of these, but we will try our best.

    I will now explain a bit more about each assignment/project.

    Movie Review = This is geared at making you think before you speak. You will pick a movie to watch and review (film yourself). The review part needs to be planned out well and practiced several times. This is based on your opinions on whichever movie you pick. Your opinions need to be backed up with examples from the film and others. 

    Debate = This works better when we are in class together. One topic and two people. You are going to argue your point of view the best you can. Research and organization are a must in this one. May the best person win.

    Speech = You will pick a topic that you are interested in and present the information you find on that topic. Just information. No personal opinion or bias is allowed with this speech.

    Drama = I will save this for last in case we get to be together. Small groups working on a scene from a movie, television show, play, or other. This is where you get to display your acting chops. You won't be graded on acting ability, just being able to memorize your lines the best you can.

    I will be going over all the specific information as we get going with the semester. 

    Reasons for taking this class:

    *Improving your public speaking skills.

    *Trying to get over some fear you may have with public speaking.

    *Trying out speaking in front of others maybe for the first time (or 2nd time).

    *Trying out new things like acting, debating others, analyzing movies, etc. 

    Check out the class syllabus link below.