Tests and Assessments

  • Mounds View Public Schools uses a number of tests and assessments to measure student performance and progress including District measurement systems, national rankings and state-mandated testing.

    Student Test History available in ParentVUE
    Families can view students' standardized assessment results through ParentVUE. By logging into the ParentVUE portal, parents can view historical test results including the spring 2019 testing results. This includes Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA) and NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP).  Look for the ViewPoint Test History option in the left-side navigation bar, or use this Accessing Test History Guide. If families need access to ParentVue or need help accessing their account, they should contact their school's office.

    Tests administered at Mounds View Schools include:

    • NWEA
    • Pre ACT
    • ACT
    • SAT
    • PSAT
    • CLEP
    • AP

    What's the difference between the MCA-III and the NWEA tests? 




    How often is it given?

    Once per year (March - May)

    All students take a minimum of one time each spring but may take it up to four times per year (fall, winter, spring and summer) as teachers monitor the student's progress.

    When are results available?

    Teachers receive results right away.  Parents can access results 1-2 weeks after the test is taken by logging into the parent portal, ParentVUE.  A paper copy of the results is mailed by the state in September or October.

    Teachers receive the results immediately after the student completes the exam.  Parents can also access the results the day after the exam is administered by logging into the parent portal, ParentVUE.  An individual report is sent home at the close of each testing window.

    Who takes it?

    Students in grades 3-8, 10 & 11 take the reading and math portion of the exam.  Students in grades 5, 8 and High School Life Science also take the science assessment.

    Students in grades K-8 and selected 9-12 students participate in the reading and math assessment.

    How is it administered?



    What does it measure?

    Student, school and District performance on Grade Level academic standards in reading, mathematics and science.

    Individual student growth and academic performance in reading and mathematics.

    How is it used?

    System accountability: Measures how students are meeting the Minnesota Academic Standards and determines if individual schools and the entire district is making progress in academic proficiency, growth, and closing the achievement gap as defined by the Minnesota Department of Education.

    Measuring individual student growth; Identifying individual student's academic strengths and growth areas; Assists teachers in targeting instruction for students; One of many indicators used in course placement for mathematics, ELA and Early College Seminar.

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    Our Testing Program

    Teachers and deans at schools throughout the District, use assessments to monitor student progress to get a long-term perspective of gains and growth. Assessment results are tracked for every student and viewed by teachers who use the results to tailor their instructional approaches and to help create challenging, but attainable goals for the students. Parents can also track assessment results using the District's parent portal, SchoolView.

    More information about testing, personalized learning, the District's parent portal, and more is available on the District's YouTube channel.

    For more information, contact the Assessment and Evaluation department at 651-621-6042.