School Therapists

  • Mental health therapy is available for students at the following organizations (*In an emergency dial 911):


Jennifer Kearns
Jennifer Kearns
Dean of Students A-De (7th/8th) A-D (6th)
Avis Fink
Avis Fink
Dean of Students Df-I (7th/8th) E-J (6th)
Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson
Dean of Students J-Mi (7th/8th) K-O (6th)
Caleb Bjorklund
Caleb Bjorklund
Dean, Students Mj-Se (7th/8th) P-Sl (6th)
Heather Timmons
Heather Timmons
Dean, Students Sf-Z (7th/8th) Sm-Z (6th)