2019 Laurentian Environmental Center Dates

  • Hello future 7th Grade families!

    2019 Laurentian Environmental Center Dates

    Please sign-up for the 2019/20 7th grade LEC trip. FeePay is available to pay the $75 fee for the trip. Parents interested in chaperoning can pay their fee on FeePay as well.

    Access FeePay using this link:  https://moundsview.fee pay.com.

    Boy's Trip - Monday, October 7-9

    Girl's Trip - Wednesday, October 9-11

    As parents bunk in the same cabins as students, we will need fathers to accompany the boys and mothers to accompany the girls trips. Please contact Jon Melena at jonathan.melena@moundsviewschools.org, if you have any questions.

    To learn more about Laurentian, click here.