CLEP Exams

  • College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

    Students participate in courses taught by high school staff and can receive credit by scoring 50 or better on the CLEP exam.

    While we are optimistic CLEP testing will occur at our high schools, our primary goal will be the health and safety of our students and staff as we navigate the extraordinary circumstances related to COVID-19.  We can expect the test administrations will be handled differently in order to meet the requirements of the public health officials and the Minnesota Department of Education.  However, we may not know the details until we receive more guidance in the coming weeks.  Please continue to check back to this website often for updates.  

    Registration:  Complete the CLEP Registration Form (coming soon) and indicate on the form the exam(s) you would like to take.  Return the form and payment to the Student Services office.  Checks should be made payable to MOUNDS VIEW PUBLIC SCHOOLS.  

    Exams will be taken at the high school the student attends during one of three testing windows:  Mid-October, Mid-January or Mid-May.  The exact date and time will be determined by the high school and communicated to students upon registration.

    IDHS 2020-21 Testing Dates: TBD

    MVHS 2020-21 Testing Dates: TBD

    Additional CLEP Resources:

    For additional information about CLEP testing at your school, please contact:

    IDHS: Christine Morrison, Student Services - 651-621-6868 or

    MVHS: Jeanne Hass, Administration Office - 651-621-7139 or

    District Center: Mary Stobb, Assistant Director of Assessment/Evaluation - 651-621-6042 or