STEAM Curriculum

  • At Edgewood, students are no strangers to STEM projects. For years, our teachers have been emphasizing how science, technology, engineering and math relate to each other, while also integrating STEM concepts as part of their students’ assignments as well as their own professional development efforts.

    The STEAM program offers a fully developed array of well-established, highly refined interdisciplinary projects and other standards-based learning activities for students that integrate inquiry based learning, creative expression and problem solving, technology and engineering processes, and understanding of relevant societal realities.
    Each team also works on an interdisciplinary grade level project. During the year, students study and answer a driving question related to their curriculum.

    • 6th grade driving question:
      • "If the journey is the destination, then where will your bike take you?"
    • 7th grade driving question:
      • "If you are what you eat, what are you?"
    • 8th grade driving question:
      • "You can't stop a natural disaster. How can humanity overcome destruction?"

STEAM Classes 2015-16

  • STEAM classes are a multidisciplinary, hands-on class that meets once a week for 90 minutes.
    All students will register for their period 8 STEAM class the first week of school.
    Students will choose six classes from this list and will be placed in one each semester (2 per year).

    Iron Chef

    Do you like to eat? Do you have an interest in the culinary arts? Then this class is for you! We will be exploring flavor in foods, looking into the history of the kitchen, doing some scientific experiments and, of course, baking, cooking and eating.

    Big River Journey

    You live only a few miles from the Mississippi River, but how much do you really know about it? What type of creatures make their habitat here? How many humans used and modified the river?

    Trash to Treasure

    Have you ever wondered what you can do with items that many students view as junk? Have you ever imagined making a boat out of cardboard or possibly making a chair to relax in, or a shelf for your locker? People say duct tape fixes everything...but what can you make with it? If you like building with your hands and finding creative uses for old worn-out objects this class is for you!

    It’s All About the Code

    You use computers and technology every day. Have you ever wondered how your computer or phone programs work? Do you want to learn coding languages? This is the class for you! You will learn to use your computer to design programs, computer animation and modeling in this exploratory, investigative, and interactive class.

    Outdoor Adventures

    Do you love adventure? In Outdoor Adventures you will learn all about the recreational and fitness possibilities Minnesota has to offer. Adventures may include orienteering, hiking, biking, camping, cross country skiing and many more.

    Edgewood Engineers

    Have you ever made a race car out of a mouse trap? Have you ever competed in an egg drop competition, or made a bridge out of popsicle sticks to see how strong you can make it? Edgewood Engineers combines the principals of engineering with the excitement of competition. Students will compete in various events, while learning about how competition has spurred innovation over the course of history. Examples will include the industrial revolution, Manhattan project, and the race to space.

    Picture Perfect Publishing

    Is a picture really worth a thousand words? Come find out by planning, writing, illustrating and publishing your own Children's picture book! You will review illustrated children's books, use technology to create your own product, and share it with elementary students.

    Water, Woods and Wildlife: Preserving our School Forest

    Do you like to be outside? Do you care about nature? We will along with the DNR in order to preserve and explore our school forest. You will be going outside in all weather. If you are passionate about wildlife, this class is for you!

    How Did I get Here

    Do you know where you came from and what countries influenced your heritage? We will be learning about genetics, cultures and areas where your families started in the world. You will create a scrapbook to display important times in your family's history. 


    Do you watch CSI, Bones, or NCIS and think "that is SO COOL! How do they do that?" Use fingerprinting, blood spatter, chromatography, fiber analysis and more to help solve crimes. Collect evidence, listen to a detective, and investigate a crime scene as part of this hands-on class.


    Do you like to take pictures? Do you have an artistic eye? You will learn the art, science and technology behind taking stunning pictures. As a class, we will examine the similarities between how a camera and an eye operate (by dissecting them!) We will also conduct several photo shoots to create original artwork.

    Dogs and Jobs

    Do you smile when you see a dog? Students will explore different careers which are related to working with dogs or helping dogs have a quality life. Students will meet people in various careers such as animal rescuers, AKC judges, owners of dog daycares and veterinarians. Dogs will also be coming to class and students should not have allergies to dogs.

    Make it Organic

    Do you like to be outside, dig in the dirt, and have fun? Then this class is for you! We will plant and maintain Edgewood's garden and learn about organic gardening and food.

    Green Genius

    Have you ever wanted to invent something? A bike that mows the lawn. . . . A machine that digests the cafeteria’s leftovers and generates electricity... let's try YOUR idea for making life on this planet better and cleaner!

    Shark Tank (The business side of things)

    Have you ever thought about starting up your own business? Come and learn about what goes into starting and maintaining a business through guest speakers, field trips and hands on experiences with the Edgewood school store.

    Movie Magic!

    Have you ever made a movie? Have you ever wanted to make your own music video? Here, you get to learn about what makes a movie or music story memorable by using imovie and YouTube to create your project. Work in a group or independently to create a final masterpiece to tell a story.

    Robotics - 1 Intro

    Do you want to build and program your own robot? Join Robotics I to learn how engineers use computer programs to control these amazing machines! You will work with a Lego Mindestorm NXT robot during this class.

    Robotics - EV3 Challenge

    "Do you like to explore and answer 'what if'…or 'how does that work' questions? Have you worked with robots before? Do you want to work with a team of other students who are interested in designing your own robot?" Challenge yourself to extend your understanding of robot design and programming. While working in a team of four students, you will design and build a robot using the Lego EV3, complete a research project to solve a real-world problem and demonstrate skills of writing technically about your learning and use engineering skills.

    Exploring Toys & Games

    Do you enjoy playing with toys and games? Have you ever wondered how they are made or wanted to make one of your own? In this class you will explore why people play with toys and games. You will learn about different toys and games: their history, how science and math are used. You will also have many opportunities to use your creativity and engineering skills to create your own toys and games.

    Virtual Vacations

    Would you like to plan a perfect vacation? In virtual vacations you will pick a destination to visit and then plan a vacation. You will book your flight, hotel, and excursions to share with the class. We will also sample food from our destination locations.

    The Science of Fishing

    Do like to fish? Would you like to learn to become more effective at fishing by learning the science behind the sport? The Science of fishing course will give you a chance to develop your skills and learn new things about our Minnesota pastime. Through dissections, drawings, ecology and water quality studies, students will walk away as informed contributors to the sport.

    Alien Ecology

    Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered what might be out there? In this sci-fi centered class, you will take a ride on a spaceship and figure out what other worlds might be like. Students will learn about the basic principles of astronomy and examine what went into shaping life on Earth and what it might look like elsewhere. You will use your knowledge of living and nonliving factors to create models of alien ecosystems. If you enjoy sci-fi and want to design a galaxy of your own, join this class.

    The Great Debate

    Do you LOVE to argue? Come learn how to practice the fine art of debate. Prepare for, and engage in a structured debate on current issues of controversy!

    Design and Modeling

    Do you enjoy building things, designing things, even launching things? This class will teach you the basics of computer aided design and will give you the chance to use a laser cutter as you develop your own CATAPULT!

    Creating Musical Instruments

    Have you ever wondered how instruments are built or how they were invented? You will invent and build your own instrument and answers the question "why are instruments made the way they are?"

    School of Rock

    Ever wondered what it would be like to put on a Pop Music Concert? How do the lights and sound work at a 5 SOS concert? How do they put together a Beyonce’ show? Well you can learn some of the skills in School of Rock! Come learn how to work a sound board, play a rock band instrument, like guitar, or be the lead singer of your own band. This class will be working with professionals in all of these areas, so come ready to work hard and rock out!