• "Thank you for the chance of a life time. ...It was in the top ten experiences of my life! It is not very often that a parent can experience being with a classroom of children."

    - Tamara (Parent Chaperone)

    "I had so much fun doing everything. I even taught my parents some things, so thanks a lot!"

    - Courtney (Grade 5)

    "It was very fun. My favorite part was, well, it's hard to decide because they were all really fun!"

    - Lissy (Grade 4)

    "Thanks for making our kids feel at home. I had fun and know every minute is worthwhile for our kids."

    - Carrie (Teacher)

    "The food was great. I wish LEC had a restaurant."

    - Josh (Grade 5)

    "I can't believe how much fun I had at LEC! Your staff is friendly, helpful and absolutely fabulous. I had a phenomenal time at your camp!"

    - Lauren (Grade 5)

    "I think it was almost as fun as my vacation in Florida."

    - Ben (Grade 5)

    "I loved being in the cabin with all of my friends. We had a great time together and had really funny times too. I got to really know my friends on this trip."

    - Faith (Grade 5)

    "I sometimes get homesick, but at Laurentian, I felt at home."

    - Emma (Grade 5)

    "I grew up as a Boyscout and 4-Her and I have never seen anything so fun and educational."

    - Dustin (Parent Chaperone)

    "I had an awesome time at camp. It was one of the best school weeks ever."

    - Kelly (Grade 6)

    "Thank you again for having wonderful programs, facilities, food and enthusiasm for what you do. We really enjoyed our time and look forward to next year!"

    -The 5th Grade Team at Valentine Hills Elementary

    “I am positive that everyone had a great time! ”

    - Honor  (Grade 5)

    “Thank you for being at LEC, you took care of us.

    Thank you for helping me learn

    Thank you for helping me at snowshoeing.

    Thank you for helping me at cross country skiing

    Thank you for helping me feel at home

    Thank you for helping me get up if I fell

    Thank you for a lot of things”

    - Moses (Grade 5)

    “You were very kind to all of us. When I got home, I kept on thinking how ugly it is in Arden Hills compared to how beautiful it is in Virginia, MN. On the last day, I didn't want to leave. I wish I could stay there forever! Thanks again!:-)”

    - Sadie (Grade 5)

    “What I like about outdoor survival is making a fire. I made a fire at my house and showed my mom how to make a fire.”

    - Alejandra (Grade 5)

    “I want to thank you for cooking so much for us campers! My compliments to the chef!”

    - Maria (Grade 5)

    “I loved the outdoors and it felt good being outside"

    - Andrew (Grade 5)

    “Every single meal that was served was delicious!”

    - Honor (Grade 5)

    “The Mountain Man was sooo cool! ;-P”

    - Benjamine (Grade 5)