Forkhorn June 2016
  • Classes are taught by Laurentian Environmental Center’s (LEC) professional teaching staff who hold Minnesota Firearms Safety, Minnesota Bowhunter Education, and Advanced Hunter Education Instructor Certifications. Mentors, those who have graduated from all three Forkhorn camps, are unique to the LEC program and provide knowledge and assistance to students throughout the week. Evening activities such as rock wall climbing, swimming, fishing and canoeing are offered to students. Parents can participate at no additional cost, however; if they would like to obtain a certification, they must pay a small fee to the Minnesota Department of Natural Recourses. Participants must be at least 11 years old by the start of camp.

    Dates - Online registration begins January 7, 2019

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    Click on the link below to download forms that are needed for the student to attend camp. You can email, fax, or mail in the information prior to camp or bring it during the day of registration. 

    Scholarship Assistance

    Scholarship assistance may be available for Minnesota Deer Hunters Association chapter members. Contact your local chapter to apply today! To become a member of MDHA, contact the state office at 1-800-450-3337 or 218-327-1103.