Classes and Activities Overview

  • Laurentian Environmental Center provides many classes and activities for groups. This is our catalog of classes and activities available.


    Environmental Education Classes:

    The heart of Laurentian's mission; these classes are usually two and half hours long. Classes usually consist of 20 students and one Laurentian naturalist. Of course class sizes, objectives, and lengths can be catered to your groups' needs.

    Large Group Activities:

    These activities include the whole group. They are educational and active.

    Recreation Activities:

    These classes are focused on the enjoyment of outdoor recreation. Our hope is for students to find an outdoor recreation activity they will want to participate in when they return home. Students develop outdoor recreation skills and burn off some energy.

    Evening Activities:

    These classes occur in the evening. They are designed to entertain and educate students after a long day at camp.


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