Trip Planning Checklist

  • The following checklist was created with the help of client teachers as a way to give you assistance in planning your trip to LEC. These steps are in no way mandatory or necessarily the best for you to follow, but they are the steps that school groups have been using for many years and they have proven themselves useful. This is intended as a guide to follow in planning your program, along with close communication with LEC staff. 

    1 year prior to the trip

    _____ Step # 1: Reserve the date for your trip. Call 1-888-749-1288 for available dates. Because many groups book up to a year in advance, early inquiries are encouraged.

    6- 7 months prior

    _____ Step # 2: Schedule transportation.

    _____ Step # 3: Secure finances - have a plan.

    _____ Step # 4: Choose study options for classes, outdoor skills/recreation activities, and evening activities. Group leaders are encouraged to contact LEC for assistance in planning the schedule. Use the blank schedule form in planning. 

    3 - 5 months prior

    _____ Step # 5: Create a general information booklet about the trip for parents.

    _____ Step # 6: Hold a parent meeting to provide information about the trip and recruit chaperones (a minimum of 1:10 ratio is required).

    _____ Step # 7: Select chaperones and notify them.

    _____ Step # 8: Collect money with a system in place.

    2 - 3 months prior

    _____ Step # 9: Send home money collection reminders.

    _____ Step # 10: Collect student forms (permission slips, medical/health forms, behavior contracts). 

    _____ Step # 11: Send packing list home.

    _____ Step # 12: Send the trip schedule to LEC - this is important so they can plan staff working schedules and time off. 

    _____ Step # 13: Fill out the "Out of Town Field Trip" form for your school, if necessary.

    1 month prior

    _____ Step # 14: Collect all money and forms.

    _____ Step # 15: Hold a chaperone training and informational meeting.

    _____ Step # 16: Assign students and chaperones to: cabins, buses, KP, study groups, outdoor skills/recreation activities, etc. 

    _____ Step # 17: Create camp schedule booklets for students and chaperones. 

    _____ Step # 18: Create name tags that are durable, weatherproof, and worn on outer clothing (buttons are great!).

    1 - 2 weeks prior

    _____ Step # 19: Hold a meeting with the students.

    _____ Step # 20: Organize departure procedures.

    _____ Step # 21: Collect and organize medications.

    Departure Day

    _____ Step # 22: Make sure all gear is stowed on the bus/van, including all medications.

    Post Visit

    _____ Step # 23: Remit payment with the LEC invoice within 30 days .

    _____ Step # 24: Send completed evaluation forms to LEC within 30 days, if you didn't fill them out before leaving LEC. 

    _____ Step # 25: Send thank-you card to all volunteers who helped make this trip a success.