LEC Usage and Responsibility Policies

    • For youth programs, an adult supervisor must be present from the time of entry into the facility until the time of departure. This leader is requested to identify him/herself to the LEC program staff at the time of arrival.
    • Adult chaperones are responsible for supervision of students in the cabins, during the meals, and during the extra curricular activities. LEC staff are not available to the group after 8:00 p.m.
    • Responsibility and liability for injury to persons or damage to property must be assumed by the organization and/or the individual responsible for coordinating the experience.
    • Please keep the grounds and buildings clean during your stay.
    • Smoking in buildings and on grounds is prohibited by the State of MN Statutes.
    • Gambling and drinking or possession of intoxicants within the school buildings or on school property is specifically prohibited by state law.
    • Groups are asked to practice conservation of natural resources while at LEC (i.e. recycle trash, turn off the lights when not in use, conserve heat in buildings, reduce and manage food waste properly, etc.)
    • Please keep food and snacks out of sleeping cabins. Food and snacks are allowed only in the Lodge. As food in the cabins is an invitation to mice, insects, and bears! No gum is allowed at LEC. Cleanup of gum will be your responsibility.
    • Please do not throw food wrapping or any other waste on the ground.

    Student Guidelines

    Note: Teachers, please review this page with your students before your visit to LEC!

    All students are asked to keep two key words in mind while at LEC: 

    Respect & Safety


    • The Facility - LEC asks everyone to take care of the facility (cabins, equipment, etc.) so it can be used by others. With over 7,000 visitors each year, we all must work together to keep LEC an attractive and pleasant place to visit. Any damage to the property will be charged to the individual responsible.
    • People - Everyone participating in an LEC program deserves respect. This includes teachers, naturalists, adult chaperons, fellow students, and yourself. Keep this in mind and you are certain to have a wonderful time.
    • Nature - Most of your time at LEC is spent outside learning and having fun. Demonstrating respect for nature includes: not littering, staying on the trails, conserving energy and resource, giving animals space, and much more that will be learned during your visit.


    LEC is located in a wilderness setting. Keeping the word safety in mind with everything you do will ensure that you have an enjoyable experience. Areas of special concern for safety include: waterfront, the woods surrounding the facility, and the rocky trails. Enjoy your time at LEC, but do so safely. Personal safety includes dressing appropriately for the weather' so as to maintain warmth and comfort.

    All participants are asked to adhere to the following recommendations:

    • Students are asked to refrain from chewing gum or eating candy while at LEC.
    • This is a time to experience life without modern conveniences such as radios, tape players, or other electronic devices. Please leave them at home!
    • Participants should come with an open mind to try new things and to be challenged to reach new heights.
    • Free time is limited to that which is allowable in the schedule.
    • Students are asked to dress for the weather during their visit. All activities have an outdoor component, regardless of the weather. Check the packing list! ! !

    Chaperone Responsibilities

    Please copy and distribute to all adult chaperones accompanying your group.

    Adult Chaperone Expectations

    The participation of adult volunteer chaperones is very important to a successful experience at the Laurentian Environmental Center. LEC emphasizes "Environmental Education." Two of our goals are to instill in participants a respect for the natural environment and to provide information for tomorrow's problem solvers. As a volunteer chaperone, you have an invaluable opportunity to facilitate the learning experience of many students.

    Students and chaperones alike can expect to spend a minimum of 5 hours each day outdoors, exploring the natural world. In every season the weather can change in a matter of hours. Please come prepared for the weather conditions that may exist during your stay. It is helpful to bring extra clothing items that may be loaned to students who may not be well prepared (i.e. socks, mittens, etc.)

    The following is a general guide to assist you in making the LEC experience a memorable one for the students you will be accompanying:

    • Be a positive role model when in the presence of the students.
    • Assist the naturalists in outdoor group activities by taking periodic head counts and making certain students stay with the group.
    • Assist the naturalists in keeping students actively engaged in activities. This helps to avoid discipline problems. Severe behavior problems should be directed to the schoollgroup staff.
    • Inquiry is a teaching method used with students. It helps to think about the class content and to engage in group problem solving. You may find the class content interesting but please refrain from answering questions directed to students.
    • Assist in the enforcement of LEC policies.
    • Physical force, vulgar language, and other inappropriate behavior is not tolerated.

    Thank you for your support in the success of the LEC program. LEC could not offer a quality program without the help of students and generous chaperones.