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Jerry Miller

Physical Education K-5

Mounds View Elementary Physical Education Program is a comprehensive approach to promote physical activity in our schools. Our Physical Education goal is to help students develop knowledge, skills, behaviors, attitudes, and confidence needed to build a healthy active life style.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Spatial awareness (body control), chasing and fleeing games, a variety of tag games. Introduction to physical fitness components, endurance, upper and lower body strength, flexibility, and agility.

2nd-5th Grade
Presidential physical fitness testing.
Endurance test 1 Mile walk/run (2nd grade 1/2 mile)
Agility 30 foot shuttle run (timed)
Flexibility Sit and Reach (measured in centimeters)
Upper body strength Push ups
Core muscle strength (timed 1 minute)

Other games and activities for the second semester include volleyball and net games, floor hockey and related manipulative skills and games, mat relays, stunts and tumbling, track and field activities.