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Roxanne Cunningham

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Remember that the Science Fair for 1-5th graders is Monday the 22nd of February. We are having only one day and that evening for the Science Fair this year. Only 5th graders are required to do a project and report.

However all grades are welcomed and encouraged to participate. It builds strong problem solving skills.

Star Lab will also be after Christmas this year starting January 4-15.

First Grade:
Birds: Lesson Unit
Dinosaurs and Fossils: 5 Lesson Unit
Sand: 5 Lesson Unit
Science Fair:3 Lesson Unit
Intro to Engineering and Tools: 5 Lesson Unit
Star Lab: 3 Lesson Unit
Primary Balance: 4 Lesson Unit

Second grade:
FOSS: Balance/Motion and Flight 6 Lesson Unit
FOSS: Solids/Liquids/Gases and Crystals: 7 Lesson Unit
Science Fair: 3 Lesson Unit
Structures: 6 Lesson Unit :
Star Lab: 3 lesson Unit
Magnets: 5 lesson Unit

Third grade:
Clay Boats: 6 Lesson Unit
Sound: 6 Lesson Unit
Science Fair 2-3 Lesson Unit
Light and Shadows: 5 Lesson Unit
Star Lab 2-4 Lesson Unit
Camouflage/Adaptations 6 lesson Unit

Fourth grade:
Electricity: 9 Lesson Unit
Density: 4 Lesson Unit...
Science Fair: 3-4 Lesson Unit
Space Colonies: 8 Lesson Unit
Star Lab: 3 Lesson Unit
Bubbleology: 4 lesson Unit

Fifth grade:
Pendulums: 7 Lesson Unit (Possibly Replace with Data Collection this Year Only)
Wind Turbines/non renewable/renewable energy: 8 Lesson Unit
Science Fair: (2-3 Lesson Unit)
MCA Review/Testing: 3 Lesson Unit
Pond Water: (3-4 Lesson Unit)
Star Lab: (2-4 Lesson Unit)
Eco systems: 8 lesson unit


Grade 5

Grade 4

Grade 3

Grade 1

Grade 2

Web links for bridge builder and the Science on-line lab games are: